Love Drunk

Skye was an ordinary girl until she met Jake. He changed her life in more ways than imaginable


1. Claustrophobia

The lockerbay seemed to close in on me as I made my way, with my lunch, outside. I hated this part of every day. People swarmed everywhere, in front of me, beside me, behind me, everywhere! I nearly dropped my sandwich as I weaved my way through the crush.

I finally made my way out of the crowded hallway and walked over to my friends and I tried to calm my breathing.

"Hey Skye! How is your Claustrophobia going?" asked James, sarcastically.

"Great. Thanks James." I said back through gritted teeth.

"Just trying to help, doll face!" he said and winked at me. I walked past, ignoring him and made my way over to my actual friends. I got to them and sat down with a sigh.

"James again, huh?" said Claire, my best friend. I nodded as I unwrapped my sandwich, ham, great.

"Don't worry about him, Skye, he is just a complete jerk and attention craver." said Maddy. I kept my head down and tentatively bit into my sandwich.

"Anyway, down to bussiness, Mum and Dad are going away this weekend and.... I'M THROWING A PARRRR-TAAY!!"

"Ahh, Amelia, are you sure your parents are going to like that... idea?"

"It's not an idea, it's a plan that is a go, Carolyn!"

"I don't like this, do you Skye?" Carolyn asked me. I shook my head as an answer.

"OH! And EVERYONE is coming. INCLUDING YOU Skye and Carolyn, so don't think you are getting out of it!!"

"But Amelia, Skye won't be able to cope with all the people and someone has to keep her company, me!" Carolyn said and winked at me and I smiled back at her gratefully.

"NO EXCUSES!! You are BOTH coming, END OF DISCUSSION!" and with that remark Amelia turned and started talking to Maddy about decorations, drinks, food and all things 'party'.



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