My Best friend Is Liam Payne. I mean my Boy Friend ( A Liam Payne Love Story)

Melissa a.k.a Missy Has not seen her best friend Liam Payne in over 4 years. He promised that he wouldnt forget her and that he would call her everyday but when something goes wrong they end up not seeing or talking each other for 4 years. On Liams 19th birthday he returns and visits Missy. Find out her reaction, and what she does. Will she stay upset with him? Do they become a couple? Does he leave her again because he has to go on Tour? Read to Find Out!


6. Small anouncement

Hey guys im sorry i know its been a week that havent updated and i was updating a chapter a day. but things got really crazy we had 2 weeks off of school and i was planning on writing alot but i ended up going to familys house and not being home. Starting Monday (I live in the US) i will get back to writing a chapter a day if not a chapter every 2 days. Thanks guys so much for reading. It makes me so happy yo see people reading my fanfic and comenting and favorting please tell your friends to read my story. If you guys maybe have some good fanfics for me to read i will gladly read them leave the name in the comments :)


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