My Best friend Is Liam Payne. I mean my Boy Friend ( A Liam Payne Love Story)

Melissa a.k.a Missy Has not seen her best friend Liam Payne in over 4 years. He promised that he wouldnt forget her and that he would call her everyday but when something goes wrong they end up not seeing or talking each other for 4 years. On Liams 19th birthday he returns and visits Missy. Find out her reaction, and what she does. Will she stay upset with him? Do they become a couple? Does he leave her again because he has to go on Tour? Read to Find Out!


4. Karla Im so sorry!!

 Melissa's POV 
I opened my eyes to fins myself laying on Liam's bare chest. "Morning Beautiful." he said and kissed me on the cheek. I could feel my checks getting hot. I sat up in bed. "So are you ready for today?" I looked at Liam confused. "What do you mean Li?" i asked him and yawned. "Well, I have told the boys a lot about you these past years so i wanna introduce them to you." I smiled. "really?!? I get to meet One Direction!?!" i covered my mouth realizing what i just said. "I mean, Really?!?! i finally get to meet the rest of the boys!" Liam laughed. "Well i know what someone was doing while i was gone." i smiled. "You didn't notice my room did you Li?" i asked him and he shook his head. "Why?" i got up from the bed and grabbed his hand. "Come on" 
        I brought him to my room. "Take a good look around" he walked into my room and looked around and smirked. "aww someone is a big One Direction fan" he said and hugged me. "Shut up...I freaking love you guys!" i said and dug my face into his bare chest.  
        Liam's POV 
I let go of her and looked at her. "Okay come on lets get dressed make some food and get out of here!, We are meeting up at Harry's house at 12:30...and its.." i looked around for a clock. "Its 10!" i said and smiled at her. She smiled back. "Okay im going to take a quick shower!" She said and i nodded. "Okay Im going to get dressed and stuff in the guest bathroom." she nodded and went to her closet and looked for some clothes. I followed her to her closet and got my bag of clothes and went to the guest bathroom down the hall. I brushed my teeth didn't have to do much to my hair since it was really short. I was wearing my favorite Batman shirt and jeans. 
        Melissa's POV  
        When i got out of the shower i got dressed, did my hair & Make-up and brushed my teeth. "Li were are you?" i said looking around from him. I decided to look down stairs. "Liam?" "Over here love!" he said and i followed his voice to the kitchen. He was making scrambled eggs. "Aww you didn't have to make breakfast." i said and smiled. "go sit down i will bring it to you." "Okay!" i said and walked over to the table. When he walked by and put the plate in front of me and out his down he looked at me for a moment. "What?" he smiled at me. "Look at what you are wearing and look at what i am wearing." he said to me. I looked down and looked at my batman shirt, blue skinny jeans and black and white converse. When i looked at Liam i realized that he was wearing the exact same thing. "Oh Li!! We are matching!!!"  
        *1 hour later...* 
Melissa's POV "Yay we are finally here!!" i said happily getting off the car. Liam smiled at me come on, he said and grabbed my hand our fingers intertwining, i looked up at him and smiled. "Love you Li." I told him and he smiled down at me. "Love you to Missy" he said. We waked up to the front door of Harry's house, before we could even open the door Zayn opened the door and yelled. "VAS HAPPIN'?!?!" I smiled trying not to freak out that im finally meeting the rest of the band. "come on" Liam said taking me inside. "Hello!!!!!!!!!!" Louis yelled from the other side of the house i just stood their and smiled. "Sorry guys she's a bit shy when you first meet her." he said and then looked at me. "Don't be so shy Missy!" he said to me and i smiled a bit. "Melissa this is Harry, Louis, Zayn and Niall" he said introducing me to everyone. Louis came up to me and hugged me. "Its finally nice to meet you!!" he said and then whispered in my ear. "Liam talks ALOT about you" I blushed a little. "Nice to meet you Melissa" Niall said and gave me a hug. Then Harry came up to me. "FINALLY SHE IS HERE!" he yelled and hugged me. "We just meet but i feel like i already know who you are cause Liam talks so much about you." i looked up at Liam and he was blushing a bit. Zayn came over. "Vas Happin'? he said and hugged me. i smiled. "Nice to meet you all!" i said Liam looked at me and then back to the boys. "Guy's i know whats her problem. She is trying not to freak out cause she is a huge directioner." I looked at Liam with wide eyes and then covered my face. "Li!!! thats so embarrassing!" i said to him and he chuckled 
        Liam's POV  
We Spent the rest of the day at Harry's house messing around and having fun. It was about 7pm when i finally decided i think it would be a good time to leave. "byee guys! See you soon Lets make some plans soon so we can all go out" i said and they all agreed. "Bye guys! It was so nice to meet you!" Missy said hugging each of them. We left and got to her house. Their was a note on her door and it read. 'Thanks for forgetting all bout me Melissa, i thought you were my best friend. But i guess since Liam is back things are going to change. Remember this? "Oh I promise we can hang out tomorrow i will tell Liam so we can all hang out!" Yea right what a lie. Don't bother coming the time you read this i will most likely be sleeping, maybe, don't call or don't come over. '  Missy stared at the note with a blank face. "Oh no!! Karla i totally forgot!!"  
        Melissa's POV 
        "OH No! i totally forgot i made plans with Karla today!! She is going to kill me.!!" i said and ran inside the house. I grabbed my phone which i left at home. 20 missed calls from Karla. I tried calling back. she didn't answer so i left a message. "Karla please!! im so so so so so sorry! Liam m"made plans and i forgot to tell him i made plans with you! oh please forgive me! Im coming over tomorrow whether you like it or not!" i said and then hung up the phone. I looked at Liam who was already in his batman pajama pants. "Li, i feel so bad...i hurt her pretty badly.." i said and sighed getting into my bed and laid down. "Missy.." he said and came over getting under the blanket next to me and out his arm around me. "Missy it wasnt your fault, you forgot its okay she will forgive you, after all she is your bestfriend isnt she? best friends are suppose to forgive each other right?" he said looked down at me. i nodded. "Yea best friends are suppose to forgive each other..." he smiled and kissed me lightly on the lips. "Just like you forgave me." i smiled a bit when he kissed me because i didn't see that coming. "Just like i forgave you.." i said and he kissed me one more time on the lips. I laid my head down on his chest. "Missy will you be my girl friend?"  i smiled. "Oh Li, i would love to!" i could feel him smiling even though i wasnt looking at him. "Good night missy, everything will be better can go to her house and talk to her." i nodded. "Okay, Goodnight Li." i said and before i closed my eyes i looked up at him and said "Im so happy that My best friend is Liam Payne..." i paused for a moment. "I mean my boy friend." i said and he smiled down at me and kissed me one more time on the lips then we both fell asleep.

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