My Best friend Is Liam Payne. I mean my Boy Friend ( A Liam Payne Love Story)

Melissa a.k.a Missy Has not seen her best friend Liam Payne in over 4 years. He promised that he wouldnt forget her and that he would call her everyday but when something goes wrong they end up not seeing or talking each other for 4 years. On Liams 19th birthday he returns and visits Missy. Find out her reaction, and what she does. Will she stay upset with him? Do they become a couple? Does he leave her again because he has to go on Tour? Read to Find Out!


5. Karla can you forgive me?

Melissa's POV
It was about 10am when i woke up. I looked to my side and i see Liam sound asleep, i smiled. I kissed him on the cheek. "Im going to take a shower." i whispered to him. I went to my closet and got some clothes out and went to the shower. 
        . . .
When i got out of the shower i see Liam sitting on my bed already dressed, he was talking on the phone. I went over to him and sat next to him. "Morning Li."  i said to him and he smiled. "morning Missy." he said 
and gave me a light kiss on the lips. "GET A ROOM!" i heard Louis yell from the other side of the phone i started laughing.  I went over to get my phone and called Karla, this was like the 10th time i called her. 
"Karla! please answer me! I'm so sorry! Anyways I'm coming over in like 5 minutes, Best friend always forgive each other threw thick and threw thin! IF you were really my best friend wouldn't you forgive me?, bye Karla, see you in 5" i said and hung up the phone and sighed. "Missy, I'm sure she will forgive you, just takes 
time." i looked down. "But Li! She is mad at me for forgetting to hang out with her! She acts like I'm 
replacing You with her! Im not! Its been like 4 years since i have seen you! And i want to spend time with you, i spent like everyday with her while you were gone..." i had tears falling down my cheeks. "We went threw a lot together." Liam wiped the tears from my face. "How about i go with you, if anything goes wrong i will try and talk to her." I nodded. "okay..., lets go."  i said and got up, i grabbed my phone and put it in my back pocket. "Mom going to Karla's house with Li! See you later!" i said and we walked out of the house.
        Liam's POV
"Karla's house is just across the street so we can walk their!" Missy said pointing to her house. "Okay Love." i said and grabbed her hand. She looked up at me and smiled. After about not even 1 minute of walking we get their. She rings the door bell, someone who looks a lot like Karla opened the door. "Hi Miss Jones! Could i please come in? Karla is mad at me for a stupid reason and I'm trying to win her back." The lady she called Miss Jones nodded. "Of course sweetie! Oh and who is this good looking young man, he looks a lot like that Liam guy from the band you and Karla obsess about." She said and Missy blushed a bit. "Miss Jones this is Liam Payne from One Direction, He has been my best friend since well i could remember, well, he isn't my best friend any more he is my boyfriend." Missy said and smiled up at me."Oh well congratulations, and its very nice to meet you Liam call me Miss Jones." she said and took her hand out for me to shake it. "its verynice to meet you too Miss Jones." i said and shook her hand. 
        "Li, I'm going up stairs to talk to Karla do you think you can wait down stairs for a little" i asked hoping he wouldn't mind. "Of course." "Don't worry sweetie! i will make sure Liam wont feel lonely." Miss Jones said and Missy laughed a little. "Okay Mommy Jones!" she said and made her way up stairs.
        Melissa's POV
I walked up stairs and went to knock on Karla's door but before i could even knock she yelled. "GO AWAY!" i 
sighed. "Karla, please just let me in, can i at least talk to you?" she stayed quite for a very long moment. "Fine! you got 5 minutes!!" she said and opened the door. "Oh Karla I'm so sorry!" i said running over to her and hugging her. "Please forgive me!" she looked at me. "why should i? Ever since Liam came back you act like i don't exist! i put up with all your crap these past 4 years you non stop talk about Liam this and Liam that! What about me?!?! i ask for one day to be with you so i can get to know Liam more and you go behind my back and forget about me to go meet the rest of the band! " i stayed quite tears going down my face. "karl-'
"DON'T KARLA ME! IM DONE WITH YOU!, GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" she yelled and i got up and left the room still standing in front she slammed the door in my face.
        Liam's POV
All i hears was. "DON'T KARLA ME! IM DONE WITH YOU GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" and then the door slam. I looked at Miss Jones and she gave me a sad face. Missy came running down stairs. "Li i wanna go home!" she said and ran to me i pulled her into a hug and she started crying into my chest. "Missy, do you want me to go up their and try to talk to her?" she nodded. "please, she is my best friend." i took her over to the couch and sat her 
down. "I will be back"
        Karla's POV 
'I feel really bad now' i thought to my self i laid down in my bed and sighed when i heard another knock. "I THOUGHT I SAID TO GO AWAY!" i yelled and heard a soft voice threw the other side of the door. "Karla hun, its me Liam, can i talk to you." 'Oh no  just yelled at Liam Payne.' i thought. "Uh Yea come in." i said and sat up in my bed. He came over to me and sat next to me. "Sorry i yelled at you Liam" he smiled. "Its okay Karla i know how you are feeling, look i just wanted to say, don't blame Melissa for all this, if anything its my fault, I'm just so happy to see her and she is so happy to see me. Yesterday she went to tell me something but i made her forget what she was going to tell me because Harry called me and i just made plans and she didn't want to ruin them so she went along with it,She loved the plans i made but i should have listen to her too." He stayed quite for a moment and so did i. "Look Karla i know we just meet but Missy has not stopped talking about you with me, she told me yesterday in the car on our way back home that she wants You to meet all the boys, she wants you and i to get closer. Missy loves you a lot, and when she read that note last night when we got home it broke her hear. she almost fell asleep crying" Liam looked at me i had tears streaming down my face. "She really talks about me a lot??" i asked and he nodded "Oh yea." I smiled. "Were is she?"  "she is down stairs, i will give you some time, but I'm sure when i go down stairs she is going to want to leave so make it quick." she nodded. "Liam? why is your shirt wet?" i asked him out of no were. "Missy was crying.." he said and then he left.
        Melissa's POV
 I was sitting on the couch waiting for Liam to come down stairs. I finally got myself to stop crying. "LI!" i said as he came down stairs. "What did she say?? does she forgive me?!" i asked in a rush wanting to know what happened. "Look Missy i talked to her, she stayed quite most of the time, i told her i will give her time, but knowing you, you are very upset and want to go home." i smiled and nodded. "If she doesn't come down in 5 minutes." He said and sat next to me.
        5 minutes later.
"Li can we go now?" i asked him and he nodded. We stood up and we walked towards the door. "WAIT!!" We heard from up stairs and Karla came running down stairs towards me and slamming into me giving me a hug. "Missy please forgive me for yelling at you and being mad at you and everything i said, I'm so so so so so so so so sooooo sorry!" she said. "As long as you forgive me" i said to her and she nodded. "DEAL!" she said and smiled at me. "friends?" i said to her and she smiled. "BEST FRIENDS!" she said and we did out hand shake. 
        Liam's POV
"Okay yay my two girls are happy now!" i said and Karla looked at me. "Two?" she said with a happy look and hugged me. "Thanks Liam, for everything." she said . I hugged her back. "Okay Lets see how about we make some plans? How about later today maybe at night we go to Harry's Family house and have a sleep over with the boys!" I said and Karla and Missy looked at each other. "YEA!!" they said and smiled. "Okay Karla start getting packing for at least 2 or 3 days, I'm going to go home with Missy and call Harry and confirm the plans." "OKAYY!" she said and ran up stairs. Missy and i walked outside and closed the door behind us. "Thank you Liam! i don't know what i would do with out her or you!" she said and hugged me. "Lets go!" i said and started running for the house. "Li wait!"! she said running after me, i slowed down and when she caught up with me she jumped on my back and i gave her a piggy back ride the rest way home and up stairs to her room to pack.

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