My Best friend Is Liam Payne. I mean my Boy Friend ( A Liam Payne Love Story)

Melissa a.k.a Missy Has not seen her best friend Liam Payne in over 4 years. He promised that he wouldnt forget her and that he would call her everyday but when something goes wrong they end up not seeing or talking each other for 4 years. On Liams 19th birthday he returns and visits Missy. Find out her reaction, and what she does. Will she stay upset with him? Do they become a couple? Does he leave her again because he has to go on Tour? Read to Find Out!


3. I'm Going on a date with my best friend!

 Melissa's POV
It was 6pm Liam was going to pick me up at 7. I had 1 hour left to get ready. I picked up my phone and put in Liams new phone number and i went a head and texted him letting him know it was me. 
Me: Hey Li, Its me Missy!
Li: Hey Miss! I will be over in a little im sill getting ready Xx
Me: Okay I'm getting ready to! See you at 7
Li: Okay bye love Xx
Me: bye Li X
Gahh!!! He called me Love! He hasn't called me love since...well forever! As soon as i put my phone down I heard my ring tone ring. *Boy you can say anything you wanna I don't give a shh, no one else can have ya I want you back, I want you back, Wa-want you, want you back* (I Want you back By Cher Lloyd) I looked at my phone and it was Karla calling i picked it up and put it on speaker. "Hello!!" i said as i started getting dressed. "Hey Girl what are you doing tonight?" She asked me. "Oh Hey im sorry! I'm busy tonight! Liam and i are going out for Dinner and then coming back here for a movie night." Karla stayed quite for a moment. "Oh, Okay.." I felt bad for her. "Karla We can make plans tomorrow! You can come over! I will tell Liam that im making plans with you, you can hang out with us!" i said and grabbed my phone walking over to the bathroom, i set my phone down on the counter and took out my make-up bag and started doing my make-up. "Um i don't know.." she sounded a bit uncomfortable. "I-I just wanna hang out with you ya know?" She said quietly. "Karla, Just because Liam is here doesn't mean you are not my best friend no more, you will always be my best friend! I love you Karla you know that, and once you get to know Li like i do you will love him! Please Karla!." i asked her "Okay fine! Hopefully nothing comes up tomorrow" i smiled. "Okay! Good thanks so much!" 
        I got finished with my make up and had 10 minutes to spare. I stayed talking on the phone with Karla and then at about 7:15pm i heard a knock on my door. "Sweetie! Liam's Here!" my mom yelled from down stairs. "Coming mom!" i yelled back. "Karla i have to go! Li just got here!" i said and quickly hung up. I grabbed my jacket and ran down stairs. 
        Liam's POV
Her mom answered the door and let me in. "Hello Liam how are you?" she said with a smile on her face. "I'm very good glad to be back in your daughters life." i said and smiled a little. "Sweetie Liam is here!" she yelled and then i heard Melissa yell back. "Coming mom!!" and then a minute later she was running down stairs. I smiled when i saw her. "Hi Li!!!" she said and came over to me and gave me a hug. "Hey Missy, you ready?" i asked her hugging her back She nodded. "Yup! bye mom!!" She said and went over to her mom and hugged her. "See you later!" Her mom looked at me. "You take care of Missy for me!" she said and winked at me. "I will Mrs. Thomas"  I replied to her and we walked out of the door together. 
       Melissa's POV
 We walked to Liam's car and he opened the door for me. "Thanks Li" i said and got in. He closed the door and walked around getting into the car and starting it. "So Li were are we going?" I asked him and he shrugged. "What do you mean you don't know?!?!" He chuckled. "I know were we are going but you don't" he said and winked at me. "Aw come on Li tell me!!" he shook his head. "Nooo its a surprise!!" i frowned. "I should be giving you a surprise! It is your 19th birthday!" he smiled. "Its okay Missy, this is my treat to you for being gone so long." he looked at me and smiled. "Li, Have i told you that you changed?..." he looked at me. "What do you mean?" 
"Well you look different! You cut your hair! Hats not a bad thing cause i like it! and Your so tall now! We used to be the same height and now you are taller than me!" he laughed a little. "You changed to Melissa, you look so different, not bad different, you look good, Your beautiful." he said and winked at me.
        I blushed a little. "No im not.." i said and shook my head. 'Don't say that, you are beautiful." he said and parked. "We are here!" he said. I didn't recognize the place at first. We got off the car and he brought me to the front of the restaurant. I covered my mouth. "Liam! I haven't been here since...Well since you left! This is OUR restaurant!" i said Happily. "Oh thank you so much for brining me here!" i said and smiled and gave him a big hug. 
        Liam's POV
I smiled at her and hugged her back. Before I left Melissa and I used to come here ALL the time. This was our place. I always paid for her when we came here. This was our favorite restaurant. As we were walking up the steps into the restaurant i looked back and saw paparazzi. "great.." i said and Melissa looked at me. "Whats wrong Li?" She asked me. "Looks like the paparazzi found us.." i told her she turned around and looked and frowned. "Well looks like im going to be all over the news and magazines soon." he smiled at me. "Well lets make things more interesting i said to her and grabbed  hand, intertwining our fingers. She looked up at me and smiled her cheeks a light red from blushing when i grabbed her hands. I smiled back at her.
        Melissa's POV
Great the paparazzi found us! Its okay i guess...He grabbed my hand and our fingers intertwined. I looked up at him and smiled a little i could feel my cheeks getting red. We walked into the restaurant. "Table for two please" Liam said to the lady. Obliviously the lady knew who he was because she was kinda freaking out. I mean i would too, Liam Payne is were im Working at. But I got it better he is my Best friend! "Follow me" The lady said and escorted us to our table. We sat down. Their were girls everywhere freaking out that Liam was here. Liam from One Direction, Liam my best friend. I smiled. "What are you smiling for Missy?" i blinked and shook my head. "I'm just happy that im here and that you are back in my life" He smiled "I'm glad im here with you too."
        We stayed at the restaurant for about another hour eating our dinner and desert. Liam asked me if i wouldn't mind if he let some girls come over to our table so they can take pictures. I said yes. he only let a couple girls come over. It was about 9pm now we got our things and we left the restaurant. 
We finally got to my house he brought down he a bag he packed with some clothes for a couple of days. I know today he was sleeping over. "I'm going to go change in my room." I said and he nodded. "I'm going to change in your bathroom." I went to my room and put on my zebra print fuzzy pajama pants and a tank top, i took off my make-up and put my long brown straight hair into a messy bun. "Knock knock." Liam said as he knocked on the door. "Come in!" i said he opened the door and put is back with clothes and things he needed in my closet. He walked into the bathroom i had in my room i was brushing my teeth. "Make some room! i need to brush my teeth to!" he said i smiled. "Well im done!!, im going to get some movies and blankets and pillows, and maybe some junk food! I will be in 'Our 'room' " i said and smiled a little.
        Our room was a room my mother and father and Liams mother and father helped create when we were kids. Since we always used to have sleep overs and movie nights. It was a big room with a couch that turned into a sofa bed in it, pictures of us all over the walls and a whole bunch of stuff. I brought blankets and pillows and set up the sofa bed. I got all 3 toy story movies and put the first one in the DVD player. Liam walked into the room wearing Batman pajama pants and, well thats it. He never sleeps with his shirt on unless thats how he just falls asleep. He smiled at me. "So what are our movie plans tonight?" he asked as he came in. He turned off the lights and sat down next to me on the sofa bed. "Toy Story, 1, 2, and 3" his face brightened up. "What a great way to end the night!" he smiled at me. 
        i slowly started falling asleep We were on toy story three. Liam put his arm around me. "Remember, I will always love you, always and forever, I will never in my life hurt you like this again" he said and kissed me on the cheek.

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