My Best friend Is Liam Payne. I mean my Boy Friend ( A Liam Payne Love Story)

Melissa a.k.a Missy Has not seen her best friend Liam Payne in over 4 years. He promised that he wouldnt forget her and that he would call her everyday but when something goes wrong they end up not seeing or talking each other for 4 years. On Liams 19th birthday he returns and visits Missy. Find out her reaction, and what she does. Will she stay upset with him? Do they become a couple? Does he leave her again because he has to go on Tour? Read to Find Out!


1. Goodbyes-to reality


 "Liam you can't do this to me!" I said tears streaming down my face, He looked at me with an apologetic look on his face. "Missy! I'm sorry! I really want this! I know im going to be gone for a long time, but you know i have tried for so long for this to happen! Im finally going to do my dream." He walked over and sat next to me. "Missy..." I sighed. "Li, i know this is your dream, but this is the second time you are doing this to me..." I looked at him. "What if you succeed and then i wont ever see you again." He put his arm around me. "Missy, I'm NEVER going to forget about you, You are never not going to see me...I promise." he said and kissed me on my cheek. I smiled. "But Li, your birthday is soon, and so is mine! your turning 16! I'm going to miss it! and What about my birthday? You know i want you their for my 15th birthday!  Will you be their." He sighed. "Melissa I know, Im going to be gone for my birthday but it's okay, You will call me right?" I nodded. " And for your birthday I'm going to try my hardest to make sure im their." I smiled and hugged him. "I love you Liam." he hugged me back. "I love you to Missy, i have to go, Don't wanna make me lose my flight do ya?" he asked standing up and helping me up. " I just wish you would of told me earlier." He nodded. "I know im sorry, I promise anything else like this happens again i will." We walked down stairs together. Before he walked out he looked at me and gave me one last big hug, and whispered in my ear. "Melissa I love you, don't forget that." I smiled. "Love you too Li, Don't forget me..." I said.             3 years later...                                  ...  I was crying in bed, Today is my 17th birthday. 'Will i ever see Li again?, does he still member me?' I sighed. i got up from bed and walked down stairs. "Happy birthday my love!!!" My mother said I smiled. "Thanks mom!" their was a gift on the table. "Whats that?" i said and walked over to it and picked it up. "Open it baby." My mom said. i ripped it open it was a new phone. "Thanks mom!" i said hugged her. I ran upstairs and turned on my laptop popped in the Up All Night album CD and pressed play. I smiled even though tears were streaming down my face as i heard the 5 boys sings. "I miss you Liam.." i said out loud and sighed. i started putting all my contacts into my new phone.           As i was playing with my phone i ran passed a name. "Liam" i said. 'I Wonder if this is still his phone number..' i thought and pressed call. 'The Number you have reached is no longer in service..blah blah blah.' it said and i deleted it from my contact list. My mom walked into my room and saw me with tears. "baby are you okay?" she asked me. "mom...Do you think i will ever see him again? Liam...Do you think maybe he will ever call?" She sighed. "sweetie, its been what 3 years?  its a hard chance, but keep your hopes up, because he still is your best friend isn't he?" I didn't say anything for a while, and then i nodded. "Yea...he is always and forever" I said thinking back to when we were little and always used to say that.              1 year later                          ...    My birthday is in 3 days!! I thought happily to myself. Then i paused. "Today is Li's birthday." I said outloud "what?" Karla said to me. "Sorry just thinking.." Karla frowned. "If you are talking about Liam get over it! He is NEVER going to call or see you! He is famous now! his life changed!" I looked at her with a mean face. "DO NOT say that!" i yelled. "Liam is my BESTFRIEND! he will ALWAYS be no matter what you say or think!" I started crying. "Im sorry missy!" she said and patted my back. "its just i get jealous sometimes, I though i was your best friend..." she looked away. "You are Karla. but Liam, he has been my bestfriend since i could remember, I miss him a lot and i gave a lot of hope one day he will call me or find me, We promised a long time ago we would remember each other no matter what happen and im keeping my matter what i am keeping it." I said and smiled at her. "I love you missy!" she said and gave me a hug and i hugged her back.     Karla and i spent the rest of the day in my house kicking back and relaxing. After all its the weekend! Their was a knock at my door. " Thats strange...My mom doesnt get off for another hour.." i said and Karla got up and went to the door and opened it. She stood their shocked. "er..Hello, Is Melissa home?"   "Missy...i think you better come to the door." she said I knew who it was the second he said 'Hello'  "IM NOT HOME! Tell him GO AWAY!" i screamed crying and ran up stairs to my room. 
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