Blue eyed, brown haired stalker (ON HOLD)

Ella is your normal 18 year old that has many different passions including ; singing and playing piano. She also loves joking and talking about the crazy world she calls her life. And what better way to do then making a YouTube account? And what happens when a certain someone stumbles upon one of her many videos? Who is this mystery stalker? Hope you like my fanfic!!


2. Chapter 2

Louis' POV
Maybe I am a little obsessed with this girl. I have seen all of the videos she had ever made and re-watched all of them a couple of times. She was funny witty and she had talent! I remember the first time I had watched her it was because I was sad that Eleanor had broken up with me.(A/N I totally ship Elelounor!) I wanted to listen to The Fray.

Lancey had just happened to be doing a cover of that song and I thought I should just check it out. After the video that had left me speechless, I noticed she had other videos. She wasn't just a talented singer she also gave rants about Dailey things. And boy were they funny. I watched all 263 of her videos. She loved making them and they looked like loads of fun! The only sad thing was, she made a rant about how everyone's over reacting over One Direction. I don't think she's a fan but at least she didn't say she hated us! So that was a good thing right? I logged onto twitter, and looked at all of the recent tweets. I also started following Lancey , she made funny and random ones. I followed a few people and looked at all of Lancey's pictures. And she looked beautiful in all of them.

Lancey had bright green eyes and long brown curly hair. Her hair was more curly towards the bottom and she also had blonde on the bottom of her hair. She had small pink lips, her skin tone wasn't pale, but it wasn't exactly tan either. If I could only use two words to describe her with, I would use pretty and petite. She wasn't the tallest person around, but I found that actually adorable, just like she is.
"Louis! Your going to miss your flight if you don't get your arse in your car already!" My sister Lottie yelled. "I'm coming! Don't get your knickers in a twist!" I yelled while turning off my computer and putting it in my suitcase.

I was leaving Doncaster, and going back to London. Me and the boys are all supposed to move into the same complex in London and stay close together, just so we could see each other more often and if we needed to go to a meeting, it would be a lot more simple, then all of us living in different cities and all.

I always spend my first two weeks back at my family home and my whole family spends quality time together. It's always fun and relaxing. Anyways, I quickly got off of my chair and grabbed both of my luggages and rolled then behind me, down the stairs.
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