Blue eyed, brown haired stalker (ON HOLD)

Ella is your normal 18 year old that has many different passions including ; singing and playing piano. She also loves joking and talking about the crazy world she calls her life. And what better way to do then making a YouTube account? And what happens when a certain someone stumbles upon one of her many videos? Who is this mystery stalker? Hope you like my fanfic!!


1. Chapter 1

Laney's POV
I woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside and my cell phone ringing. I quickly grabbed and saw a text.

*Darcy: Hey Laney mike wanted me to let you know that we have a party for 5 people in a week and you are in charge of them. I'm sorry that I won't be able to help you on Thursday with them. Much love, Darcy.

Ugh, that meant I had to deal with a party of people by myself. Let me now explain to you the messed up world that I call my life. Hi my name is Delaney Drew. But most people call me Laney. I live by myself in a condo in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am currently 19 and turning 20 in December. I have worked in an Ice Rink my entire life, I have another job at Starbucks and I also enjoy making YouTube videos. My parents had owned the Ice Rink and always wanted me to own it but decided that they should sell in in stead. I haven't talked to them in 4 years but I like my life now, I have friends and people that stand by me, I couldn't be happier. Anyways back to the Ice Rink, they sold it to Mike Brown, who Is now currently my boss. He is a arrogant, selfish, jerk that only cares about himself and money. And Darcy Williams, is my best friend and also my co-worker, who had just told me that I would be working by myself on a party of people teaching them how to skate. I loved to skate ,but the only reason I work for Mike is because he lets me stay after hours to practice my skating.

I quickly got up and threw on my uniform and made my way to my car. I quickly got to my car and drove off to Starbucks.

"Hello welcome to Starbucks. Can I take your order?" I asked for the 34th time today.
"Can I get the vanilla Mocha please?" A teenager asked me.
" Yep. That will be $ 3.89 please." He then gave me the exact amount and I started making his order.
After what felt like a lifetime, I finally grabbed my keys and headed to my car, exhausted and drove to the Ice Rink. I grabbed the change of clothes I had put in my car. I ran to the change rooms. I came out in a violet sweater from Aeropostale, tights, a white beanie and my favourite white skates I had decorated with colourful sharpie markers.
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