having two lovers?

one day a girl named savanah gets abandoned from her x-bestfriend, dalila. she was living with her over the summer cause her parents went on a cruise. one night savanah decided to leave dalilas house and live on her own. on her way she meets five charming guys and they invite her over. now she didnt know that they were celebrities, shes never eve heard of them. will savannah ever go back home?


1. the escape

            Savanah's Pov

         I looked at the clock as it read 3:27 am "perfect", I murmured to myself. Dalila was asleep I was all packed, but it seemed to me I was forgetting something. What was it? I'm sure it's not that important otherwise I'd know what it is. I got my stuff and opened the window quickly, but quietly and was on my way. " Hmmm", I said to myself. "I have my phone, clothes, money, and what else, WAIT!", I yelled. I forgot for a place to go to". "SHIT!", I yelled. " Gotta think gotta think, I can't go to a hotel that would waste too much of my money". " I'll think of it later right now i have too get orginized".

Harry's Pov

         "Shut up!", I yelled at Liam. " You don't know everything!", Niall ran into the room. " What the fuck are you two fighting about now" he said. " Tell Liam he doesn't know everything!" I snared. " "I never said that" Liam snared back at me. " Just shut the fuck up and go to bed its fucking four in the morning". Niall protested. " Fine" I said " But this isn't over".

the next morning 

         I woke up and the clock read 10:39 am. "SHIT" i said " I'm late for rehearsal". I got dressed, ate a piece of toast, even though I didn't have time to put butter on it, brushed my teeth, styled my hair, and was out the door just like that.

       I got into the car, and started it when I saw that the gas tank was empty. "Zayn" I said. immidiently I pulled out my phone and dialed Zayn's number. It rang a few times then I heard " Yo i'm probably busy at the moment so just leave me a message and i'll catch you later". Of course. Zayne wouldn't answer the phone. Then I remembered about the motorcycle. I got out of the car and hopped on. Before I knew it I was there.

            I ran inside, checked in, and ran to our rehearsal room, but no one was there. I ran to the bathroom. No one but, a disturbing site of an old grandpa. I ran to the snack room " Thank the lord" I said. " You finally made it" said Liam. " Shut up" I said.

Liam's Pov

  " How'd you get here your gas was empty" I said. " How'd you...... Fuck to the you" Harry said." Why in heavens sake would you do that" " Well first of all you said it wasn't over, so..... I made it last". I was kinda proud I did that. I mean It was sweet sweet revenge. I can't wait to hear what he does next. " Your a bastard you know that Liam. I don't know what I did to you to make me, the lead singer miss half of our rehearsal" said Harry. " You know what why don't you just go fuck yourself". " Maybe I will" I said " Maybe I will".

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