having two lovers?

one day a girl named savanah gets abandoned from her x-bestfriend, dalila. she was living with her over the summer cause her parents went on a cruise. one night savanah decided to leave dalilas house and live on her own. on her way she meets five charming guys and they invite her over. now she didnt know that they were celebrities, shes never eve heard of them. will savannah ever go back home?


2. Meeting

Savanah's Pov

Day 1

I had to sleep on a bus because i had nowhere to go. It was quite comfortable except the fact that  I had to sleep next to a snoring, forty year old man. Anyways right now I'm getting off the bus. I'll walk around and ask people that look friendly to stay with them. Hopefully I'll get a good response from someone. xoxo Savanah      

        I closed my diary and sat on a bench. I was about to get up when I saw a gorgeous brunette coming my way. I sat back down and signaled him to come over to by me. He looked around him like I was talking to someone else. It made me chuckle a little. He came over by be and sat to me. " What's your name? " he asked me with a British accent that sounded so sexy. " Savanah " I replied. "I love that name" he said. " What do you say we go get a drink and I'll swing ya home" What should I do?, I thought I can't go home. I'll think later.

Liam's Pov

She's so hot and sexy I thought. Hopefully She'll say yes. I deserve a girl like her don't I? "Well" I said "Do you?" "Sure" she said. Oh yeah I thought. Wait until I brag about her to the other guys. Oh wait I thought. Why should I go back after what Harry said. Ehhhh I'll brag to the other ones instead. We got in the car and drove to Apineelish ice cream. " The lady will have a Shirley temple and I'll take a fudge sundae" I said. " Sorry for not introducing myself, I'm Liam" I said.

Savanah's Pov

" Nice" I said. "But I kinda can't go home". " Why not? He aked. "Well you see I kinda was living with my friend Dalila over the summer and she was ditching me for other friends so yesterday at exactly 3:27 am I took my bag and jumped out the window". "oh, then where did you stay last night" He asked. "umm I said I kinda slept on the bus". " You did not" He said as if I was joking". I looked serious. " you actually did". he said sounding surprised. I nodded. " Well you are welcomed to stay with me and my buddies if you want too". He said so kindly. " you wouldn't mind" I asked. He nodded. " Oh I can't thank you enough". I thanked him. "No it's my pleasure". he said as he winked. I kinda blushed as our food arrived. We started eating and stayed silent.

Dlila's Pov

I woke up. The clock read 12:48 pm. I got out of bed very slowly and went to go wake up Savanah, But She wasn't there. I went and looked in the kitchen, But she wasn't there. I also looked in the living room, bathrooms, dining room, and even my parents room, But still no sign of her. She couldn't of drove off, because she doesn't have her license. Where could she have gone. " mother!" I yelled have you seen Savanah!". " No honey I haven't, why". "I can't find her anywhere that's why". I yelled back. Hmmm I thought. Maybe she went for a walk. She'll be back later. I hope. Right now Imma go eat breakfast.

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