Little Things

"Need a hand?" a curly haired boy asked helping me stand up on my feet again.
"Thanks.." I murmured to him. By this time I was quietly crying to myself in this pouring rain.
"Are you okay? Do you want a ride home?" he asked.
"I'm okay.." I said un-convincingly.
"No your not. Let me give you a ride home."
"That's the thing. I don't have a home anymore..." I was in a fit of sobs. He gently wrapped an arm around me and guided me to his car. What do I do now?


11. Chapter 9

By Jackie_love's_Liam's request. I decided to update again. Here we go...

* * *

Harry's POV

I couldn't talk to her. I had no words to say to her. After that fight I felt like she was really hurt, by what I said about everything. Like everything that I said to her or didn't say broke her heart. That can't be true, but that was the same for me. Everything she said to me hurt. Even when I'm the one who said those things. That just made me realize my feelings for Jayme even more, and how I can't hide them no more.

I was sitting at a bar at this nightclub that I knew around the corner of our flat building. I only had one drink and I was already smelling like I had a bunch. It's understandable from this atmospere of this place. People grinding on one another and the loud thumping music. The drunk people all around ordering shots here and there. A couple of girls tried hitting on me, but I told nicely to fuck off.

It has been atleast an hour since I left as I check my watch to see that it's 7pm and people were already wasted. I think I'm gonna head out before the rush comes in. I set down a couple pounds to pay for my drink and head for the exit.

I step outside where there already a line of hopefulls. Good Luck getting in. I chuckled to myself. I let the crisp air fills my nostrils as I walk around the corner. I need to tell Jayme how I really feel about her, despite of Zayn. I 'Loved You First' Jayme.

I head into the building and step onto the elevator. I start thinking about what I should say, How I should say it, and what I want to say. These are one of the times where you better say everything right or your screwed. I grab the keys from inside my pocket to unlock our flat. I enter the flat and see that all the guys are either on the phone or sitting on the couch in the living looking very worried.

"Hey lads, where is Jayme? I need talk to her about something important." I said kinda nervous.

"You don't know? You little fucker what did you say to Jayme when she went after you?" Zayn said rather angerly.

"Don't know what?! And I'm the fucker when you kissed the girl I love!" and processed what I just said, can't go back now.

"Yes you are the fucker because your the one that said that you didn't fancy her! Now what the fuck did you say to her!" Zayn was yelling, his lips were a thin line. He was angry.

"She was yelling at me for running out and someone other stuff that is just between us. And she asked me why I was giving her mixed signals and what I actually feel for her and I didn't say anything. And then she ran back to the flat on the verge of crying. So, then I left to give her some space." I said taking a seat because I just noticed how much of a dick that I was.

"Well thanks to you she left. We tried running after her, but she was already in a cab when we got outside. She packed and left right after your guys fight." Niall said to me when he stood up.

"Wait, she's gone? No why didn't you guys follow her or something. We have to go and find her. She has no where to go. Let's go!" I said taking command.

"You don't think we tried that mate? We looked where we thought that she might go." Louis said finally getting off the phone.

"I'm going to go on my own little hunt then." I said grabbing my Jack Wills sweat shirt and heading out the door. I went down the elevator and out the building. I hailed a cab and I knew exactly where to go.

"Where to?" a old man with grey white hair, and a little on the heavy side said.

"St. James Park and step on it." I said.

"Ok" and the driver whizzed through traffic we were at St. James Park in no time.

"Thanks" I handed him some money and scurried out the car. I started running up and down the trails and I noticed someone sitting at a park bench. I could hear quiet sobs. Jayme.

I slowly start walking towards her location.

"Can I sit here?" I asked. She turned her towards me and started getting up.

"Jayme please wait! I want to talk to you." She started getting angry.

"Oh, so now you wanna talk." Ouch.

"Yes to tell you how sorry I am and how much of a dick I had been lately, and that was not fair to you. Giving you all those mixed signals about my feelings towards you."

"You have been a dick. I have one question." she said her voice calming.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Why?" She simply said.

"I don't know. When Zayn said that he liked you and I didn't want to hurt Zayn, but then I thought I liked you. So then I tried to push you out of my mind, but it's like your tattooed in my brain." I said stepping closer to her with each word.

"So you did like me..." she silently said.

"Who wouldn't like you. I have always liked."


"Yes liked, because I don't like you anymore." I leaned down to her ear and whispered in her ear. "I love you." She looked like she was gonna cry.

"I think I love you too, but..." She started to trail off.

"But what?"

"But didn't Danielle get a lot of have and stuff? Isn't that the reason why Danielle broke up with Liam a while back?"

"Yes, but I won't let anyone hurt you. I promise. You will be with me everywhere I go, and I will go everywhere you go. As long as we're together that's all that matter's." She was still crying heavily.

"I-i don't k-know. I don't think I can handle it all. Handle being with you Harry. I'm sorry." She slipped away started running. I'm letting her go that easily.

"Jayme!" I ran after her. I caught up to her grabbed her arm and spun her around.

" I'm not letting you slip away from me again. I need you. I need to be near you, to hold you, to hug you, to kiss you, just be there next to you. I want to be that guy that you love when nobody else can. Please let me be that guy." my eyes began to water.

"Harry, what if I can't handle it. What if I run? Are you gonna come after me eachtime. You know me, I run." She was crying harder.

"I will always be there to catch you and bring you back to me. Always."

"Don't you understand? We aren't ment for eachother!" She said, more trying to convince herself.

"But, I know we are..." I lean down and passinately kiss her. I lick her bottom lip to gain entrance and she let's me. We explore eachother's mouths and I pull away to catch my breath.

"Did that convince you?" I asked. Her eyes stayed closed and nodded her head. we walk back to where the cab dropped my off. I noticed that Jayme was shivering.

"Cold?" She just nodded my head. i took my sweat off and gave it her. I heard her mumble thank-you. I called a cab and it was here within minutes. I opened the door for her and I climbed in after her. I told the cab driver to bring is to our flat building. Jayme put her head in my shoulder and nuzzled closer to me. I'm so glad that we worked things between us.

We pulled up to the building and I paid the man. I wrapped my arm around Jayme's waist and headed inside the building. Went up the elevator and before we knew it we were at our flat door.

"Are they gonna be mad at me?" Jayme asked quietly.

"Ofcourse not." I said and opened the door. All the lads turned to look at the door and noticed Jayme.

"JAYME!" All the boys yelled and grabbed her for a group hug.

"Hey boys. I'm fine and tired so can I go to my room now?"

"Ofcourse you can. Boys you will see Jayme tomorow, let go." Liam said.

"Ok" they said. Jayme started heading off to her room, but grabbed my hand and dragged me with her. We made it to her room and she went to her bathroom with some Pj's.

"I'll be right out. Will you stay?" there was more meaning behind it.

"I will never leave." I smiled to her. She smiled back and closed the door. I started taking off my shirt and pants leaving me in just my briefs. I climbed into Jayme's bed and waited for her.

"I'm back." She said coming out of the bathroom.

"Great, come into bed." She climbed into bed and I instantly wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer to me.

"Sweet Dreams Jay.." I whispered in her ear.

"Goodnight Haz.." She replied back and her breathing getting heavier and heavier as she fell deeply asleep.

* * *

That was a really long chapter, to me. If you guys want to share my story, please do, but I'm not forcing you to. But that will make me love you forever! I just got Wattpad and still trying to figure it out, but anyways my username on there is: LovinMeJ   ....Might put my story on there too. Anyways Penguins, 2 updates in one day. Gosh you guys are lucky, okay you know the drill...







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