Little Things

"Need a hand?" a curly haired boy asked helping me stand up on my feet again.
"Thanks.." I murmured to him. By this time I was quietly crying to myself in this pouring rain.
"Are you okay? Do you want a ride home?" he asked.
"I'm okay.." I said un-convincingly.
"No your not. Let me give you a ride home."
"That's the thing. I don't have a home anymore..." I was in a fit of sobs. He gently wrapped an arm around me and guided me to his car. What do I do now?


5. Chapter 3 1/2

Hey little Penguins <(")!! my friends are a bunch of meanies. They didn't let me update when I said that I would. I am really not good at these things. For now on I'm just going to say 'most likely' I will update again because my plans always some how get mixed up so that's what I'm going to do. Okay..on with the story. :)


" wake up! We got to hurry if we are going to make it to the plane on time." Harry kept pushing me and kissing my cheek trying to get me to wake up.

"I'm to tired Harry....I want to sleep." I said sleepily.

"I guess you don't get to have any of these jolly ranchers.."Harry said trying to make me think that I missing out. God, why did I tell him last that my weakness is jolly ranchers. We were telling eachother things that we love underneath the stars last night. I don't even remember coming home...or putting on these pj's!



"How did I get home?" I asked seeing a smile spread across his face.

"I carried you all the way home."

"Okay, and how did I get in these clothes?" I asked.

"Umm..*cough*I might have..*cough* changed you into *cough* them, BUT I promise I did not see ANYTHING!" I guess I believed him, but I still feel fiolated.

"Leave so I can get dressed then." I said and pushed him out. I changed into some clothes that Anne gave me. I guess that they were a girl named Gemma's clothes. I met Harry down in the kitchen giving his mum a hug goodbye.

"Bye sweety! I going to miss my little boy." Anne said with tears in her eyes.

"I know mum..I'm going to miss you two, but I will see you for christmas?"

"Ofcourse honey. Bye and oh Jayme I'm going to miss having you around. Take good care of my little boy will you?"

"Ofcourse I will Anne." I said with a smile and gave her a hug.

"Bye mum. Com'on Jayme, the car is waiting outside for us." Harry said

"Okay and thanks for everything Anne!" I said with a smile.

"No worries, I love you both!" she yelled as we were going in the car and putting our bags in the car, we packed them the night before.

"I love you too!" Harry said and we were both on our way. I'm excited and worried at the same time. London here I come.


This is just a filler everyone!! Update soon! Bye little Penguins <(") !!


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