Little Things

"Need a hand?" a curly haired boy asked helping me stand up on my feet again.
"Thanks.." I murmured to him. By this time I was quietly crying to myself in this pouring rain.
"Are you okay? Do you want a ride home?" he asked.
"I'm okay.." I said un-convincingly.
"No your not. Let me give you a ride home."
"That's the thing. I don't have a home anymore..." I was in a fit of sobs. He gently wrapped an arm around me and guided me to his car. What do I do now?


12. Author Note

Hello everyone who even reads this story anymore. I'm really sorry for my absence on this story. It's not really like me to do that. My computer died a while back and I never was able to update. I've been on Wattpad lately and on there it lets me update on my iPod which is all I have. I'm still wondering if I should even continue on this story considering I haven't been on in forever and that even if anybody even reads it anymore. Again sorry if you want to check me out on Wattpad my username is LovinMeJ. Thanks & sorry again.

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