Starting Fresh

Everything had gotten out of hand. Niall, he spent his nights partying, drinking too much. Zayn, smoking unstoppably. Louis, devastated and heartbroken by his recent break up with Eleanor. Liam, not caring about anything or anyone other than Danielle. And Harry. The only sane one. But one things for sure. They don't get along well anymore. No. They hate each other. One Direction are still together, but its obvious too all the fans, to the management, the boys, everybody that One Direction will break up. No matter how hard they try, it just doesn't work. Everybody knows, in a few weeks, they'll be crying, wishing things would go back to normal. But right now, it doesn't seem like it will. But what is there's a chance? A tiny glimmer of hope? One thing that could change it all? Would you risk the pain for the gain?


2. One.

17th August, 2013
If you saw them, you wouldn't think they were the same boys they were a few years ago. They were carefree, funloving, crazy boys. Now, they seriously the opposite. They all hated each others guts. They never wanted to spend time with each other. They didn't care about each other anymore. So why were One Direction still One Direction?

Harry's POV.
"Shut your big mouth Niall, we don't wanna hear your ugly voice," Liam groans, as Niall starts to complain about his head hurts. Niall shrinks back into his chair, obviuosly hurt by what Liam had just scared. Behind all this drinking and partying, Niall was a good person. You could see, like me, he was also afraid of us breaking up. But first, there was the drinking problem to get rid of. Liam was never like this to Niall. Niall was his best friend, his cute little baby brother. Liam used to actually care, unlike now. Niall and Liam, they used to have this bromance. They were unbreakable, inspearable, the best of best mates. Looking at Liam now, he was on his phone, obviously texting Danielle.

"Yes Niall, shut the fuck up," Zayn complains. I look over at Niall who had tears welling up in his eyes. Niall was always known as a big softie, but now, I knew how he felt. I was crying inside too. Zayn, he lit up yet another cigarette and stuck it in his mouth. verything had just changed so much.

"Guys. We need to stop this."

I had tried and tried to make things right, but they wouldn't work. No matter how hard I tried to entertain Liam, to stop Niall, to stop Zayn, to cheer up Louis. Louis. My Louis. My best friend, my brother. 'Larry Stylinson.' Our bromance. Just like Liam and Niall, we were in inspearable. Bit now, he didn't care about me. About anything. All he cared about was Eleanor, and how she broke his heart. I had tried so hard to cheer him up, but nothing, nothing at all would work.

"Lou. Boobear. Take your mind off her. There are so many other girls in the world that actually deserve someone like you," I encourage. He gives me a small nod and turns his head back down to face his fingers. I sighed, trying so hard to make things right. I just wished, there was a solution to all our problems.

But right now, we were sitting in a dressing room, waiting for our interview with Alan Carr to start. Paul and I had tried so hard to get this interview, still hoping to prove that One Direction was still One Direction. Even though we weren't, the at least we could reassure the fans. After all, they had been with us through the whole thing, they deserved some credit.

"Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson?" the backstage lady asks. I nod confidently, before leading the boys onto the stage, to our waiting fans.

"So boys, we all know that One Direction aren't doing quite so well anymore. Can you confirm that?" Alan asks. I can see Zayn opening his mouth, ready to tell the world about us. So far, all Liam and Zayn had tried to do was bring the mood down in the interview. Niall, he was trying his best to fake a smile and Louis, he hadn't said a word.

Before Zayn could say a word, I interrupt him and say, "No, we're all good. We're still happy, and the band is still together. We do have our problems, but we're determined to solve them."

I whisper to myyself that I'm right, even though deep down, I know this isn't quite true.

"Well there you go!" Alan says. "Harry confirmed it! Now, its time for the show to end. Hope you enjoyed!"

The cameras go off, and we walk off stage. Immediately when we're alone, Zayn and Liam push me against the wall. It seemed like though they hated each other, they teamed up in making our lives miserable.

"Why did you do it?" Zayn asks as Liam pushes me against the wall.

"Do what?" I ask, putting on my best puppy dog eyes that used to all ways work. Well, before.

"You know what," Liam growls. I know I'm in for it. Neither Niall or Lou can or will save me. Nobody can.


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