When You Smile

Lucy, Demi Lovato's cousin isn't really good when it comes to...relatonships. All of her past relationships have ended in complete disasters, but when she meets the eyes of hottie Liam Payne she instantly falls head over heals for him. The only problem? He's got a girlfriend! Enter innocent Harry who's looking for a lover into the equation, and you've got a story full of love and heartbreak. Will Lucy fall for Harry, and forget about Liam, or will she hoplessly attempt to make Liam hers?


2. L.A.

"C'mon Lucy let's go!!!! We don't wanna miss our flight!", Demi said trying to wake me up.

"Just five more minutes", I whined, burying myself under the covers.

"LUCY GET UP!!", she yelled so I gave in.

Springing out of bed, I fumbled through my dresser trying to ding something to wear, and realized I'd be seeing all the boys so I should probably grab something cute. I decided on white high waisted shorts, a cute crop top, and a sweater in case I got cold. Slipping into my converse, I grabbed my carry on and two bags of luggage. I was almost ready, deciding to just do

my makeup in the car; it takes too long and time isn't something we have a lot of right now.

"DEMI! READY?", I yelled.

"I've been ready", she responded, and for the first time all morning, I checked my phone to see what time it was. 4:25 Am. Demi's trying to kill me, I thought.

We loaded into my car, with our bags of luggage safely in.

"Ready to see Niall?!", I asked her when we buckled in.

"Yes. I'm ready to make him mine", she said with a smirk. Definitely my cousin.


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