When You Smile

Lucy, Demi Lovato's cousin isn't really good when it comes to...relatonships. All of her past relationships have ended in complete disasters, but when she meets the eyes of hottie Liam Payne she instantly falls head over heals for him. The only problem? He's got a girlfriend! Enter innocent Harry who's looking for a lover into the equation, and you've got a story full of love and heartbreak. Will Lucy fall for Harry, and forget about Liam, or will she hoplessly attempt to make Liam hers?


1. Demi's Here!

I opened the door, only to see my favorite cousin, Demi Lovato standing there. 

"Welocome back to Texas!", I said, taking a few bags from her. 

"I know, i'm so excited to be here!", she said, with her arms full of stuff.  

I helped her carry the rest of her things, and then sat down on the couch by her.  

"We need to talk boys!", I said. 

She nodded. 

"You first", I said.   

"I don't have a boyfriend", she assured me. 

"Niall?", I said.  Her face turned bright red. 

"He's.....just a friend", she said.  

"Demetra Devonne, he wants you and you want him and he's freaking hot.  Why not?", I asked.  

"Well, I wanted to be single.....", she said. 

"Yah well too bad.  How will you feel when he moves on?", I asked her. 

"Okay, I really like him.  I'll....skype him later and talk to him about it later", she said, blushing again. 

"Why not do it now?", I said, handing Demi her laptop.  

I sat down next t oher again, and sure enough, Niall's face popped up on the screen. 

"Hey Demi", he said, blushing and eating pizza in front of the screen.  

"Hey Niall", she said, smiling.  

"How are you doing?", he asked her.  

"Oh, wonderfull.  I'm at my cousin, Lucy's house right now", she said. "Remember when you met her?", she said. He nodded. 

"Yeah, she's cool.  How was your flight?", he asked her.  

"It was long, but good", she said.   "How was your day?", Demi continued. 

"Fine", he said.  "I'm so hungry though", he added. 

"When aren't you hungry dear?", she said.  He smiled.  "Never", he replied. 

"Hi Niall", I said, popping up in the screen. 

"Hey Luce", he said.  I smiled. "We should all go out when you come back to LA, Demi", Niall said.   "Oh, and bring Lucy", he added.   She nodded. 

"Luce, we're going to LA", my cousin said. 

"Cool when?", I asked. 

"In like a week", she responded.   

"Nite sweet stuff", Demi said, waving goodnight to Niall. 

"Nite babe", he responded.  

The call ended, and Demi was blushing.  

"Okay, Luce your turn", she said, closing her laptop. 

"Umm", I responded. 

"What about your boyfriend?", she said. 

"I don't have a boyfriend, Dem.  He dumped me", I said.  

"But you were in love....", she said.  

"Yah, but you know how disastorus relationships can end........and how quiclky you can kinda hate the person you thought you loved when they break your heart", I said.  

"Fix a heart?", she said, refurring to her song. 

"Exactly", I told her, and my favorite cousin nodded.





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