1. Unwanted.

The door opened quickly and my uncle pushed me out into the cold outdoors. My bare skin hitting the prickly grass in our front yard. I was beaten and bloody. It was around 2 in the morning, my uncle couldn't handle me anymore. He said "you are a hendrance to me" so he beat me and threw me out of his house. I was naked and helpless. My uncle threw a thin white blanket out towards me.
"now leave me" he said slamming the door. I sat there with bloody cuts and hurting bruises. I slowly reached for the white blanket that was almost see through. My trembling hand grabbed it lightly and I rapped it around me. The December wind was chilling me to the bone, and it was snowing. I ran away from the house slowly because my legs couldn't take me fast. I fell many times hitting my face on the ground creating more cuts. I saw a house with woods behind it. I was running through their yard but they had dogs big dogs and they chased me. One knocked me over an I fell hitting my head again. I heard foot steps in the house as the dogs jumped closer and closer towards me. My eyes were wide and I trembled with fear. The door burst open and boy who looked to be around the age of 17 jumped off the steps and looked around. His eyes landed in me... There was anger in his eyes at first. My eyes were filled with tears and I was shivering with not only cold but with fear. I backed away inch by inch but stopped as I hit a wall. I was tired and scared. My face had cuts that were healed but now reopened. I had a black bruise on my cheek. I looked at the boy with tears in my eyes preparing to spill out. He walked towards me with sorrow in his eyes. He bent down and looked me straight in the eyes. Then he brought his hands to my shoulders and touched me lightly, I winced at the pain sent through my body from that small touch. He helped me up and I wrapped the blanket closer to my body. He rapped one arms would my shoulder and led me to the house. I stepped on rocks with my bare feet, squeezing my eyes shut from the pain. He opened the door and helped me up the steps. My feet on the cold floor sent chills up my spine and I had goose bumps all over my body. The boy led me to a room with a couch, I sat down as I was told to and pulled the blanket over me more covering myself. The boy walked out of the room, with in 2 minutes he came back hold clothes and a towel. I guess I had gotten wet from the snow. I took both things and managed a small smile.
"you can change in the bath room over there" he said pointing to a door down a hall and to the left. I nodded and stood up slowly, even though I was slow I still lost my balance and the boy caught me. I winced at the pain but stood up straight and eventually, with some help from the boy, got to the bathroom. I walked in and closed the door. I dropped the blanket and looked at the clothes. Undergarments, a plain white t-shirt, a pair of gray sweat pants and socks. I wiped myself down with the towel, using some water to get the blood off me. Then I pulled the clothes slowly and carefully over my damaged body. I finished and picked up the white blanket, well actually now its black and red from my dirty bloody body. I grabbed the towel and slowly I walked out of the bathroom. The boy was sitting on the couch bobbing his legs up and down impatiently. I walked over to him and handed him the towel. I then walked to the door with the white/red/black blanket in my hands. I pushed on the door opening it but it was shut in seconds. The boy was standing by my side, he closed the door.
"you can stay here, for tonight" he said putting an arms around my shoulder leading me to the couch again. "I'll get some blankets and a pillow."
He took the dirty blanket from my hands and walked up the stairs. I sat on the couch waiting. With in 5 minutes he was back with the few items for me. He put the pillow on the couch and the blanket in my hands. I laid down shifting so that I could lay with out it hurting. I pulled the blanket from the ground where it fell as I moved on the couch. The boy touch my hand, meaning for me to let go, so I did. He put the blanket over me covering my feet all they way up to my neck. He smiled at me softly as he sat on the coffee table and just stared at me. his smiled disappeared as he opened his mouth to talk.
"What happened to you" he asked me with a confused look in his eyes. I opened my mouth to say something but nothing would come out I tried and tried but I only strained myself hurting my stumach I held my stomach with my arms squeezing my eyes shut.
"It's okay, don't hurt yourself." he whispered as he saw tears streem down my face. I started to feel.... Comforted... By a stranger. As my eyes were closed I began to get even more tired. I let go of my stomach and the boy rubbed my arm up and down shushing me, comforting me, helping me. I could hear the boy say something close to my ear but by then I was more then half asleep. I opened my eyes a little after I felt his hand leave my arm but I couldn't open them all the way. Then I fell into a deep dreamless sleep.

Author: Well Hi, I wrote this a while ago an I just thought I'd post it, see what you guys thought then choose either to keep it or to delete it. Tell me if you like it and if I should continue. I think I'll wait till I finish one of my other story's before continuing but still give me your opinion ^-^ thanks.
Sincerely Me :3
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