Lost On The Way Up

Margo has had it. Parents screaming at each other every chance they get. With her count down to her 18th birthday coming close, she's planning her getaway. What happens when at a connecting airport, she runs into her idols? She wants to get to know them even more, and a couple of them seem to want the same thing.


3. Today's the Day

Margo's P.O.V.

It was the night before I was leaving. I laid in my bed, bags packed and all the money I own in my old, tan, leather, over the shoulder bag. The ticket I bought last week that would take me to Los Angeles is tucked safely in my wallet along with an old family picture from when I was 7; when things weren't so messed up. 

I stared at the ceiling, unable to sleep because of the nerves building up inside of me. It isn't that I didn't want to leave, but I never imagined this day would come. I pictured myself stepping out of LAX, the sun warming my face. I was snapped back into reality when my phone started to vibrate. I squinted at the screen and tried to make out what it said. It was a tweet from Harry. 

         "hi everybody! leaving LA tomorrow! cant wait to be back home xx "

OH. MY. GOD. One Direction will be in LA the same day I will be! Forget sleep! I sat up in my bed and looked at my clock. 2am. I've been 18 for 2 hours and I didn't even realize it. My flight leaves at 7am so I decided to aimlessly roam Tumblr until 5. 

As the clock struck 5, I jumped out of bed, put on my only clothes that weren't already packed, quietly slipped to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, did my makeup and went back to my room. I called a cab and grabbed my suitcase, my backpack, and my purse. I took it all down stairs as quietly as I could and put them near the front door. I tiptoed to my parents bedroom, saw my mom sleeping there. She looked so peaceful, so innocent, even though I knew she wasn't. I turned and walked down the hall to the spare bedroom where my dad was still fast asleep. They would both be waking up in about an hour and I wouldn't be there when they did. I went into the kitchen, grabbed the note pad by the phone and wrote a letter.


      Mom and Dad,

             When you read this I will already be on a plane out of here. I'm not going to tell you where I am. I need to get away. Away from this house. Away from my life here. I'm not happy and I need to start again. I love you both and I know deep, deep down, you guys love each other too. I'll call you when I land. 

       Love, Margo


I walked back to the front door, turned the lock, opened it up, and felt the cooler morning air rush over me. My cab was just pulling up. As I walked out of the doorway I felt the extreme freedom start to come over me. I closed the door behind me and walked towards the cab, towards a new beginning. 


I was going through security at around 6:30 and as the man checking IDs looked at mine saw my birth date. 

    "Oh, well happy birthday, young lady. Shouldn't you be with your family today?"

          "Well, I... to be honest, I don't have much of a family here."

    "I'm so sorry. I hope you have a great birthday." 

          "Thank you, I plan to"

After I finished going through security, I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat at my gate waiting for it to start loading. I pulled out my phone, my parents should be waking up right about now. I wonder what my mom will think when she reads my note. I wonder what my dad will do. I shook the regrets that started to creep up out of my mind. I scrolled through Twitter until they called us to board. Luckily, I got a window seat. I put my backpack in the overhead and kept my purse tight to my side. As the plane started to take off, I watched the small town disappear beneath me and become insignificant. The lack of sleep was catching up with me. I closed my eyes and as I drifted off to sleep, I hoped that when I wake up, I will have arrived at LAX.

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