Lost On The Way Up

Margo has had it. Parents screaming at each other every chance they get. With her count down to her 18th birthday coming close, she's planning her getaway. What happens when at a connecting airport, she runs into her idols? She wants to get to know them even more, and a couple of them seem to want the same thing.


2. Breaking the News

. . .

Margo's P.O.V

                       It was finally here. June. The last month of school. The last weeks of seeing some of my friends. But most importantly, the last days of being stuck listening to my parents scream at each other. 

                       To be just days away from freedom and peace of mind was an bittersweet feeling. All I have ever known is right here in this too-small of a town in New York. I don't know what it's like to live anywhere else, but I won't be wasting anytime in trying to find out. I've saved up almost every cent I made working in the town's family diner as a waitress since I was 16. It's not much, but it's definitely more than enough for a plane ticket and somewhere to stay once I get wherever I'm going.  However, I haven't even decided  where I'm going to go. There are so many places I've only dreamed of going. Places like San Francisco, California, New York City and England. I know that one day I'll make it to England. I just don't  know how soon.

                       I decided to call my friend, Kyliee. She had been my best friend since I was 3 and she was 2. I've told her everything since then and me leaving was no exception.


                       "Hey, Kyliee."

                       "Hey Margo! Oh my god, I'm glad you called! My grandma is having her 80th birthday party Saturday and I                         wanted to know if you wan-"

                        "Kyliee, I have to tell you something. But not over the phone. Wanna grab coffee somewhere?"

                        "Uh....sure? I'll meet you at the Digital Bean in 10." and she hung up.

                    How was I going to tell her? She would be devastated. But I could not stay here any longer. I had to get out of here. I had to do this for myself.

                    With my earphones in and One Direction calming my nerves, I walked to the Digital Bean, the coffee shop around the block. I ordered two cappuccinos and waited for Kyliee to get there. When she walked in she waived and ran over.

                         "Okay, you're scaring me. What's going on? Margo, are you pregnant?!?"

                         "No!" I laughed. "That requires me to do something that I've never done before.."

                         "Well... what is it then?!"

                         "Um... I'm not sure how to tell you, so I might as well just say it." I paused and looked up at her. The worry in her eyes caused my stomach to drop. How could I leave her? And would she ever forgive me for it?

                          "JUST TELL ME!" Kyliee said just a little too loud. Everyone in the Digital Bean turned and were staring at us.

                          "Okay! Well... um.. once I turn 18, I'm leaving. I'm packing up some stuff, buying a plane ticket and I'm out of  this place." I said while looking at the table.

                 I looked up. Kyliee just stared at me. 

                           "You're... you're not serious. Are you?"

                           "I am. Other than you and maybe a couple others, no one knows about me leaving."

                           "Margo. Have you lost your mind?! Where are you going to go?"

                           "I don't know where I'm going yet. I was thinking either SanFran or New York City. One day I'm going to make it to England, but I know I don't have enough for England right now."

                           "This is insane but, I can't say I blame you for wanting to leave. This place sucks. As long as you call me every now and then and maybe stop in for a visit, I'll help you pack." Kyliee said with a smile.

She understood. She didn't seem mad at all. God, I was going to miss her. 

Kyliee and I spent the rest of the night in my room packing and listening to One Direction. At one point, she walked over to my calendar. When she turned to look at me she started to tear up. 

                          "Margo. You leave in 10 days."

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