Fearing Love

Elizabeth is an average 19 year old. But what will happen when her family go's to their beach home the summer after she graduates. What will happen when the girl she is "baby sitting" turns out to be in the same fandom and has a very rich daddy. What if... But she has a fear. The fear of falling in love with his blue eyes and blond hair.

This may not be suitable for children under 13.


2. Summer Craze

Elizabeth sat up and yawned. Summer was finally here and she was free to sleep as late as she wanted and do whatever she Pleased. Someone in the streets below was blaring Katy Perry's, "Teenage Dream". "What a great start to the summer", Elizabeth thought. She could smell the salt air blowing in through the window and see people walking on te bech across the street. She layed back on the bed and thought about yesterday, and the night before. School getting out, saying summer fairwells to good friends, and trying to inhale the sight of early summer. Trying to remember all of it, knowing this summer would fly by like all the rest. Just two days before she had turned 19 she was always in an awkward place in school because of were her birthday was. She had graduated, the oldest in her class, of course. But she was taking the year off and going to collage the next fall, an odd choose, but she wanted to live a little before drowning herself back into monds of homwork and late study filled hours. Elizabeth wasen't a perfect A student, she wAs a getting there, i'll try harder kind of girl. And she diden't mind being that way. Now summer wa here so she pushed all those thoughts to the back to her mind and took another inhale of the salt air.
As always her family had came down from their Georgia home to spend a month in their time shared beach home, the same as they did every year. "Elizabeth"!! Yelled her mother "please come down here, someone is eager to meet you!" "Snap, Elizabeth had forgotten about her summer job."comeing!" She quickly replyed. Throwing on the shorts from yesterday and a clean tee she stumbled down the stairs after she checked her hair in the hall mirror And applied a fake smile. "Elizabeth, her mother smiled pretty blonde headed girl, Elizabeth guessed to be about 14, i'd like you to meet Marylyn." "Hi", Elizabeth said to the girl. "So, um, you wanna go to my room?" Elizabeth head back up the stairs while her new shadow went on about how her super strict parents thought she needed a baby sitter even though she was 14. And how it drove her crazy. Elizabeth tryed to start a converstation, " so, who is your favorite singer?" " well, their actually a band, I don't know if you know about them or not but yeah they're from Engla- Marylyn could finnish before Elizabeth cut her off, " oh, my, gosh, you love One Direction too!" Elizabeth thought, "maybe this summer job wont be so bad after all." "How did you know?" Marylyn questioned. "Um, what other band would you love from England" Elizabeth stated. "Well, actually, I have a secreat and have been looking for some one I could carry my plan with.." Marylyn said rather quietly. After a moment of silence Elizabeth cleared her throat, and told her to continue. " Well, my parents are super strict and i really wanted to go see them and my parents wont let me and so i bought two tickets with my saveings and was planing on going to see them when they came on tour down here" Marylyn said breathlessly. Elizabeth drew in a deep breath and did somethig she would have never done, but did for a girl she had just met, she was agreeing to sneak her out and take her to the boys consert. "I'm I going crazy", Elizabeth thought as they discussed plans in hushed voices.
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