Fearing Love

Elizabeth is an average 19 year old. But what will happen when her family go's to their beach home the summer after she graduates. What will happen when the girl she is "baby sitting" turns out to be in the same fandom and has a very rich daddy. What if... But she has a fear. The fear of falling in love with his blue eyes and blond hair.

This may not be suitable for children under 13.


1. Knowing her

She diden't want to lose it. She diden't want to loose herself. Why, was the question she always asked. Elizabeth Rose Grant. That was her title, not her story. Growing up she had always had love and lovers. The ones that write you sweet note and kiss your forehead . The ones that don't try to be perfect, but some how are. She had the cute ones, the ones everyone wanted. But some how she never felt compleat with any of them, she never felt whole. Now she was 19, and beautiful to every one else and to her self. She isen't the kind of beautiful that you see at first glance, it's a growing beauty. She has light brown hair, it seems almost blonde in the summer. Clear, light blue eye, almost piercing if you look at them to long. Short, but not to short. Curvy, not fat. Her life is almost perfect. She is still a sinner, but who isen't ? Loveing life to the greatest, liveing life to the fullest. Her one weakness. A band called One Direction, a boy named Niall Horan.
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