Fearing Love

Elizabeth is an average 19 year old. But what will happen when her family go's to their beach home the summer after she graduates. What will happen when the girl she is "baby sitting" turns out to be in the same fandom and has a very rich daddy. What if... But she has a fear. The fear of falling in love with his blue eyes and blond hair.

This may not be suitable for children under 13.


3. Fan Girl Central

"What have I gotten myself into" Elizabeth thought about it as she headed to Marylyn's house. "This is absulutly absurd. Elizabeth cranked the volume up a little more in her red convertable bug, a preasent from her rather rich grandmother. Marylyn lived on the nicer side of town. The less busy, privet beach side. Elizabeth pulled up to a large home set on the beach. It had a breath takeing veiw to go along with it's huge size. Elizabeth walked up the steps and rang the door bell. Wondering why someone with only one child would want such a big home. She was snaped back to reality when Marylyn opened the door. "Oh my goodness, you're here! We're going to have so much fun"Marylyn said, inviting her in. Elizabeth felt a little out of place in the rustic beach home, but followed Marylyn to her room. "So, how are we gonna get there?" Marylyn asked. "I have a car, you know we are going to get into so much trouble and I wont be able to bab-" Marylyn cut Elizabeth off. " It's more hanging out than baby sitting, i'm fourteen, i don't really need to be looked after. I just like having someone here to hang with" "so, i'm getting payed to hang out with you?" Elizabeth questioned "Yupp, plus my parents will give you other money if we go watch a movie or something." "Anyway, you wanna see my closet, it has like a million posters in it "Marylyn finnished. Elizabeth always thought it was tacky to have their faces plastered every where, so she just had one in the inside of her dresser. But she agreed anyway. Elizabeth steped into Marylyn's closet and gasp. There was every kind of poster and picture that had ever come out. ""Go farther back!" Marylyn called from the back of her huge walkin closet, that seemed almost like another full room. On the back wall it was covered in framed pictures, with books and magazens laying every where. It was a Directioners dream. Marylyn had every thing that had ever come oit with One Direction on it. She had hoodies, TOMs, shirts everything. Elizabeth guessed there was thousands of dollars worth of stuff in her One Direction theme closet. " Um where did you get all this stuff?" Elizabeth asked Marylyn. " Mostly the internet, my parents orderd most of it." Marylyn said boringly. Elizabeth was confused...if her parents let her have all this stuff, why woulden't they let her go to a concert? Marylyn as almost reading her mind replyed. "They wont let me go to a concert because they are afraid i'll get hurt, plus neither one of my parents want to take me up there and listen to them sing...and thanks to one of my moms friends who secreatly hates me, i think, my mom thinks the concerts are inappropriate for me". Elizabeth diden't know why they would think that, well, actually she did, but that wasen't the point.. Elizabeth now wonders exactly where would they be sitting. She cleared her throat and asked rather causaualy , " So, where are our seats at". Marylyn looked up for a few seconds before turning back to her book and said, "front row". As if she was talking about the weather. "OH. MY.GOSH." Elizabeth started fangirling in her head! There was no way that they wernt going, no matter what no matter how much guilt it caused they were going to see One Direction, live, in the front row. Then it hit her full on, and the fangirlig started
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