Forbidden Love

Winter Jones was a normal girl, with a normal life. Well.... until she was bitten by a vampire. She had to runaway, but what happens when she runs into Niall Horan and falls in love?

Vampire idea from the movella "Forbidden" with Niall. But nothing like hers.


1. Walking in the Night

"Bye." I say, as I walk out of my friend's house. I  start walking down the street, all I have to do is turn left a couple streets down.

After walking for 5 minutes, I hear rattling in the bushes. I stop dead in my tracks. 

"H-hello..?' I whisper softly. Keep walking, I told myself. I start to walk again and suddenly, I fall to the ground. Someone's on me. 

"O-ow ow ow!" i screech, as i feel piercing in my neck. 

"Sto-" i trail off, falling unconscious.


*1 Hour Later*

I open my eyes slowly, to see a dark-haired young-looking teenage girl staring at me. "Who are you?" I say, slightly showing fear in my words. She speaks smoothly. 

"I'm Rosalina. I'm a vampire. I bit you so now you will become a vampire. Your blood is special, so you are turning into a morphling. Don't  be surprised if you get blood cravings, burn in the sun, smell blood, have super-speed and the rest you'll have to find yourself. You must have to get human blood in about a week, to earn your full powers." She says, all to fast. 

"Wait, what?!" I'm shocked, did she just say I'm a new-born vampire?

She looks away. "I've said to much already." 

To my surprise, she's gone in a flash. I feel like I'm paralyzed. I'm not moving. I'm still in total shock, apparently I'm a morphling vampire....

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