Forbidden Love

Winter Jones was a normal girl, with a normal life. Well.... until she was bitten by a vampire. She had to runaway, but what happens when she runs into Niall Horan and falls in love?

Vampire idea from the movella "Forbidden" with Niall. But nothing like hers.


2. Smell the blood

I slowly get up, still shocked. I never thought vampires existed, or that I could get bit by one on a typical night walking home. I feel a shake in my body, as I walk. I can smell, someone, someone nearby, and my feet automatically change direction to that sense of the human. I think, hard to try to re-control my body to direct my body where I need to go; home. I can't tell my parents though, they wouldn't believe me.
I finally head back home, and in a matter of minutes, I'm there. I walk in softly, hoping not to wake my parents if there asleep. I peek in the living room quietly. "Nope, they must be in bed." I mutter to myself,so I head to the stairs. Crud. Creaky stairs. I try to advance up the stairs slowly, with my feet stepping to the outsides of the stairs to make my
vsteps sound quieter. I made it to the top, all not too loud. I turn to my room. "Winter?" I hear a female voice behind me. Mom. I turn around to face her. "Oh, hey mom." I smile. "Coming back from Avalon's?" She asks. "Yeah, now I'm just heading to bed." She smiles back and walks to her room. Her blood smell gets weaker, as she walks away. I burst into my room, and look in my mirror. My reflection is still there. I let out a quick gasp of happiness. As I continue to stare, I see it is almost, as if it lightly faded. Not a lot, but barely. I hop into my pajamas and into my bed. I calmly drift to sleep.

*AUTHORS NOTE* Hey guys! Are you enjoying my story? I'm already thinking of a new movella. Should I finish this first, or do them both at the same time? Also, should I make the chapters longer? Okay, so leave comments and keep liking and favoriting! Thanks for reading!(:
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