Niall Horan

My name is Jessica Jones, and i work at TopMan, a mens clothes shop in America. What happens when i meet the man of my dreams? I'll try and update ASAP! this is my first movella, so plz no hate, feel, free to comment below about if u like it, ideas, etc. :)


2. TopMan

'RING, RING, RING' my alarm clock beeped. I groaned and slammed my hand on the clock. OWWWW, that really hurt! I glanced at my hand, which was turning tomato red. I streched myself and lazily looked at my phone. HOLY MOLY! It's almost 8:00! My boss told me that if i kept coming in late, she'll have to fire me!

i rushed into my bathroom, and brushed my teeth. i sprinted back to my room and changed into my uniform. Boy i hated TopMan uniform. We had to wear: a black top with a name badge, and some long black pants. i couln't bear to have people snigger at me, so i carefully picked a nice black mini-skirt. i ran down the stairs, and said goodbye to my mum, while grabbing some toast.

Hopped into the car, and drove to work. when i got there, my boss was standing infront of the counter, serving people. When she saw me, she walked over to me angrily. "What did i tell you about being here on time? You better have a good answer!" "Um, my alarm clock didn't work, and my mum wasn't home to wake me up," i fibbed, biting my lip. "Hmmm, i'll let you go this once, now get to work." I smiled and started serving angry customers.

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