Niall Horan

My name is Jessica Jones, and i work at TopMan, a mens clothes shop in America. What happens when i meet the man of my dreams? I'll try and update ASAP! this is my first movella, so plz no hate, feel, free to comment below about if u like it, ideas, etc. :)


5. The Boys coming over

Just as i finished putting nail polish on, (What? i wanted to be pretty) the door bell rang, and my phone beeped:


Hey, we're here at ur door.


I opened the door to see aninteresting sight. The 1D boys! "Come in guys, i just need to talk to Niall, so just make yourselves comfy on the couches." i told them.

Niall followed me into the kitchen and i closed the door behind us. "I'm reallyyyy sorry Niall. It's just that i've always wanted to meet youse." Niall grinned at me and brought me into the living room. "Guys, ahem!" he said clearing his throat. "I wanna introduce you to my friend Jessica. i met her at TopMan, and yeah. so let's introduce ourselves," he said nodding at Liam. "Um, hi i'm Liam Payne, and my girlfriend is Sammy. you two should hang out, and yeah."

"Hi, i'm Zayn Malik, and i spend hours fixing my hair." there was a tiny laugh, and then the whole room erupted into laughter. "SHHHHHHH" i said.

"Hey Jess, i'm Harry, and i'm a curly haired boy, although when i was younger my hair was straight, and blonde."

Harry nudged Louis, who screamed out, "HIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!! my name is Louis Tomlinson, and i can see your one of our fans, so i'm sooooo excited  to meet you!!!"


Hey everyone! i hope u are enjoying my fan fiction. please comment below about what u think about it! I'll update if people read it and tell me to update! Thanks!


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