Niall Horan

My name is Jessica Jones, and i work at TopMan, a mens clothes shop in America. What happens when i meet the man of my dreams? I'll try and update ASAP! this is my first movella, so plz no hate, feel, free to comment below about if u like it, ideas, etc. :)


4. Texting him

I hopped into the bath tub, letting my fingers and toes become wrinkly. when i was done, i went to my bedroom, changing into my pajamas. I was  still horribly afraid of talking to Niall, so i messaged him.


Hi Niall, sorry about earlier. Wanna hang out? My mum is on holiday so i have the house to myself! :)


Sure, the boys and i are having pizza, so what about all of us come over. If that's alright with you of course.


Sure. i'll b ready soon. :)


i realised that i had to change, so i changed into pink denim shorts, and a shirt that said : I LOVE ONE DIRECTION!




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