Niall Horan

My name is Jessica Jones, and i work at TopMan, a mens clothes shop in America. What happens when i meet the man of my dreams? I'll try and update ASAP! this is my first movella, so plz no hate, feel, free to comment below about if u like it, ideas, etc. :)


9. Girl's Day Out!


Hey girl! How u doin'? Just got home! i want to meet up with you tommorow! It can b a girl's day out! Also, Zayn's girlfriend Perrie is gonna come! Hope to see u!

Sammy xoxo :)


I texted back that that was fine. Then i went to sleep i woke up to the sound on knocking on the front door! I looked at my phone. it was 6am!

i put on my dressing gown and sleepily walked over to the door! i opened it and there was Sammy and a preety blonde girl. "Hi! Sorry to wake you up! This is Perrie Edwards!"

I siad hello and welcomed them in. "I'm gonna go get changed." i told them. i went to my bedroom and opened my giant, overflowed closet. i put on a black singet, some light purple skinny jeans, and a blue, denim jacket. Then i went to the kitchen and grabbed a low-fat yogurt. "Want one girls?" i asked them. they took one and then we went outside. there was a pink bus waiting for us. I gasped guys! we don't have time to waste!" Sammy said.

we hopped inside and the bus drove to a cafe. while we were there, i overheard Sammy and Perrie saying:

"OMG! Perrie! It's so nice here and all, but im going to Mexico with the boys! What about u?"

"yeah sammy! Me too! What


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