Niall Horan

My name is Jessica Jones, and i work at TopMan, a mens clothes shop in America. What happens when i meet the man of my dreams? I'll try and update ASAP! this is my first movella, so plz no hate, feel, free to comment below about if u like it, ideas, etc. :)


7. Bye boys!

Just then, Liam looked at his watch. His mouth dropped into an O. "We gotta go! we promised Dan we would come sign autographs at his shop!" Liam panicked! the boys rushed to the car outside while Niall and i took our time. "I'm so sad you have to leave Niall!" i told him. "I know a good solution! why don't you come to the signings with us! No one will say anything! They let us bring anyone!" Niall told me.'

I grinned at him, and went into my room, packing my handbag. i put my iPhone, a light cardigan, some lip gloss, and twenty dollars inside my handbag. then i put on some flats, and ran outside, locking the door behind me. there was a blue Ferrari parked in my driveway. i got inside,and we drove to a shop named, Dan's signings.' Niall told me that  a lot of famous people did singings here. When we got inside, the boys took their spots, and a kind lady passed me a chair, which i positioned next to Niall. The doors, creaked open, and a crowd of girls ran inside. They were screaming, "Oh my god! It's 1D! I'm gonan faint! Niall has a girlfriend?" "everyone shush! This is Jessica, and she is my best friend! We are not dating YET! Niall said looking at me. The crowd cat whistled, and then the boys started signing different things.


Thx for reading my Movella! i kindly updated it for all my fans and readers out there. Hope u enjoy it!

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