Your Heart is Mine

Alexis is a fifteen year old teen, who is experiencing life's struggles. Not only is she battling domestic situations, she is also being constantly stalked by a vision that she can not explain. She unexpectantly comes about a guy who is about to rock her world (Justin Bieber) .


1. Exes


Chapter One

“Alexis, You staying for later?” Sean Waltz questioned.


“What’s later?” I asked lifting my head from the book I was currently indulged in and pushing my slightly burning toes further into the coldish sand.


“Jackson’s beach party.” He replied scanning the hot beach, for chicks I’m assuming.


Sean was my ex-boyfriend.


He was incredibly handsome, longish brown, beach bleached hair, and gray sparkling eyes, tan skinned, and so close to perfect, straight white teeth.


But there is a reason there’s an ex in front of that boyfriend.


Sean was a player. He wanted every girl he saw.


He was not as perfect as he looked.


Nowhere near it.


“What time?” I asked, absentmindedly following his gaze and deciding whether or not I was prettier than each passing girl he’d rested his heavenly eyes on for more than two seconds.


I was, especially his last find.


She was a bit on the dorky side. She was sporting a purple, black, and pink one-piece bathing suit and a pair of last season wedge sandals.


She wasn’t ugly, in fact she was nowhere near it, but just to make myself feel better I’d rated her.


I wasn’t insecure. Far from it in fact, but Sean had worked his magic on me.


I’d fallen hard.


Rating his possible victims saved me from a dose of heartbreak.


I looked down at my watch.




I stood up dusting the sand from my sun kissed skin, and began to pack up my belongings.


“Strawberry banana slush for you,” Sean spoke, frightening me.


“Thank you,” I responded, retrieving the drink from his out-stretched hand and taking three small sips.


Sean was so thoughtful, that was one of the things I loved so much about him.


He never thought of only himself, he was always thinking about how this and that would affect others. That is when he is thinking about anything other than girls. It was an entirely different story if we were talking about girls.


Girls were Sean’s addiction. Which, if you didn’t know him as well as I did, you’d think were impossible, but it isn’t.


Sean couldn’t keep a girlfriend.


The longest relationship he’d ever had was a year, and that’s only because the chick was oblivious to reality, she’d thought because they’d been best friends since they were three that everything would be different.


That chick was wrong.


That chick was naïve.


That chick was I, Alexis Bryum.


When Sean and I were dating we had the best of times. We never argued until that last night. We were, in my and everyone else’s opinion, perfect for each other.


Sean didn’t see it that way.


Sean wanted the extended girl life.


He wanted me and every other girl in San Diego.


I realized this far too late.


It was too late to take my feelings back.


It was too late to take my virginity back.


It was too late to take my kisses back.


It was just too late.


“Lex, are you even listening to me?” Sean asked, heaving me from my thoughts.


“Course I am,” I countered


“Then what’d I say?”


“Um?” I replied, prodding my mind for any recollection.


“Times up Lex, you know what this means,”


“No, Sean please don’t,” I begged backing away cautiously.


“Its tradition Lex, you know this!” He responded stepping closer.


“Sean I’m all sweaty from tanning,” I tried.


“So what Lex, it’s tradition!”


I searched seemingly for another excuse, taking my gaze off of Sean for a spilt second.


My mistake.


Sean charged forward, scooped me up and threw me over his shoulder before trudging toward the salty ocean water.


“Who even came up with this stupid idea?” I yelled wrapping my arms tighter around his midsection.


“Don’t know, someone” Sean replied with ease continuing to trudge.


I squeezed my eyes tight.


The pictures flooded in.


Water everywhere.


A dark figure slowing being sucked to the bottom,


I snapped my eyes open.


It was too much.


I couldn’t bear it.


“Sean, Sean stop, I can’t go into the water.”


“It’s tradit-,”


“I DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT TRADITION! DON’T THROW ME INTO THE WATER” I yelled the images tantalizing me.


“Lex? Lex, you alright?” He asked, pulling me down from his shoulder and holding me upright.


“I’m fine,” I whispered, yanking my arm from his grip and stomping off back to my towel.


I was irritated.


I couldn’t hide it.


I couldn’t hide the fear.


Sean saw it, he saw me at my weakest moment.


Great, another thing to add to the list of what he’s taken from me….


Box of emotions…


He took that too.


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