Distance Doesn't Matter

Julia and Carlos dated for awhile but distance was tearing them apart. What happens when Carlos sees Julia again? Read to find out :)


6. Rice Crizzles with a Dash of Drama

*Later that Night*
Carlos and I are cuddling on his couch. Yes that may sound stupid. No I do not care what you think.
"Carlos?" I say looking up at him.
"Yes?" He says raising an eyebrow.
"Can you please shave?"
"Your beard." I say. He raises an eyebrow and laughs at me.
"I'm serious! I hate it!" I say to him.
"Look, I'll shave it when I want." He says smirking at me.
"Then you don't get to kiss me." I say running up his stairs.
"Oh yeah!" I hear him yell as he gets up. I run in his room and quietly close the door. Does he have a closet....ah yes! I tip toe over and hid inside.
"Julia! Where are you?" I hear his muffled voice coming from the hallway. I hear his door open.
"Julia I know you're in here!" He shouts. I see the shadow of his feet outside the door. I hold my breath. He walks away. I breathe. All of a sudden the door comes flying open,
"FOUND YOU!" He yells.
"Wait time out." I say.
"Nope no time outs." He says and picks me up.
"Carlos put me down!" He walks over to his bed. He throws me down and starts to tickle me.
"Carlos," I say in between laughs "stop it!" I continue.
"Hmm...no." He says.
"Carlos!!!" I yell. It's no use. I give up. Then he kisses me. Or at least tries to.
"No Carlos!" I say moving away. "You still have a beard."
"Come on Julia..." He looks at me with puppy dogs eyes.
"Nope." I say getting up but he then pins me down to the bed.
"Fine...then I guess I'll just continue this." He says tickling me again.
"Carlos! Stop!!" I say laughing.
"Please?!" I say looking at him with puppy dog eyes.
"On one condition." He says.
"Just shut up and kiss me." I say kissing him after I sit up. He kisses back of course. We kiss for a while too. Like multiple times I guess. Whatever I'm trying to say. We break apart and I smile.
"I thought you didn't like kissing me while I had a beard." He says smiling at me.
"You just couldn't resist me." He says now smirking.
"No actually. I couldn't." I say and I kiss him again.
"I love you." He says.
"I love you too." I giggle. Back to the way it was. I like that. I smile.
"I'm hungry." He says.
"Of course you are."
"I'm gonna go make rice crizzles." He says. I look at him with a weird face. What is a rice crizzle? I follow him downstairs and into his kitchen.
"Okay so we need: Rice Krispy cereal, marshmallows, and butter." He says and grabs all of that. He goes to his cupboard on the far left and takes out a huge pan.
"Are you gonna fill that whole thing?" I ask him with wide eyes.
"Duh." He says. He melts the butter then adds the marshmallows. He stirs for a while and then add the cereal. He keeps stirring. After five minutes, he stops.
"Okay now just to let them cool." He says sticking them in the fridge.
"How long do they need to cool for?" I ask him.
"Like 10 or 15 minutes." He says leaning against the counter. I walk over to him.
"Rice Crizzles." I say laughing. He turns to me.
"What's so funny about that?" He asks.
"The fact that you call them Rice Crizzles." I say laughing still.
"That's what they're called!" He yells while smiling at me.
"What? No it isn't." I say.
"Then what are they called?"
"Rice Krispy Treats." I say. That's what I've always called them anyway. Same with my friends...and family....maybe it's an east coast thing? I don't know.
"I've heard that before but you gotta admit....Rice Crizzles is cooler." He says.
"I think it's cute when you say it." I say putting my arms around his neck. "Really now?" He says smiling at me.
"Yes really." I say quietly leaning in for a kiss. *ring ring* I let it go. *ring ring*
"Hello?" I say into the phone.
"Julia! JULIA?! Okay um can you come over?" She asks in a worried tone.
"Taylor, what's wrong."
"JUST COME OVER." She yells and hangs up. Gosh someone's upset.
"Carlos I gotta go over to Taylor's house." I say.
"Do you want me to come?"
"Might as well. We gotta tell her that we are together sometime." I say. We head out to the car.
"I wonder what she was so freaked out about.." I say now getting a little worried.
"What do you mean?"
"She was like freaking out."
"Do you think Ross came to her house?" He asks. God I'm so stupid that makes sense! My eyes go wide.
"Probably. I thought I heard Kendall so hopefully he's handling it." I say. Carlos drives a little faster.
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