Distance Doesn't Matter

Julia and Carlos dated for awhile but distance was tearing them apart. What happens when Carlos sees Julia again? Read to find out :)


1. Intro

-Carlos' P.O.V-

I hate seeing her with Ross, she was my girlfriend, she still is! Well, at least I wish she was.

"Julia, I can't stand being away from you! And seeing you and Ross kiss crushes me!" I tell her. She has moved on from me and it crushes me to pieces. I mean it has been a year but... Her NEW boyfriend Ross was in the studio or something so she decided to drop by.
"Really? I...I've been thinking about you a lot lately and that's why I stopped by. I don't really like Ross. He's an arrogant jerk face." She says to me. "And what about Alexa?! I thought you moved onto her?!" She says in an accusing tone.
"Okay so you know how in the show Kendall moves onto Lucy but Jo comes back and he picks her? Well that's how I'm feeling. Seeing you..." I tell her. "Well then maybe we should do something about it.." She says.
So you are probably wondering what we are talking about. Well its a long story, I remember every detail though..and here it goes;
Julia and I dated before. We used to kiss and hug and talk! When she was 16, she and Taylor (her friend, now Kendall's girlfriend of about 2 years) went to one of our concerts. They were in the front row. I looked down, the sweat beating off my forehead. I could feel my hands getting clammy. I looked at her the whole time. I sang to her. Taylor hadn't noticed, but I could tell Julia had. She looked back at me, and we had a rare connection!
After the concert, I knew I had to have her. Her friend went to the bathroom, she sat out front and waited. All the fans had cleared and it was just her sitting there alone.
"Guys I'll be right back!" I yelled to Kendall, James, and Logan who were in the dressing room we all share. "Okay!" They all shouted.
I walked out and sat next to the girl who was playing on her phone. "Hey Tay, you rea-" she started but when she turns her head she sees me. "Hi, I'm Carlos!" I said. "Hi! I'm Julia!" She said. I could already tell that she was bubbly and fun.
"I'm sorry if this is a weird question but were you staring at me during the whole performance?" She asked me. Bold, I liked that in a girl. "I'm sorry, but yes, I was because there is something about you that, gives me butterflies!" I told her. She blushed. I laughed. "So, that being said, can I maybe have your number?" I asked her. She nodded. I reached for my phone. "Ah! I left my phone in my dressing room." I said. "Here." She said handing me her phone. I gave her a questioning look. "Take this so we have an excuse to see each other again." She said. I smiled and took the phone. "You are-" I began but I got cut off by another girl yelling.
"That's Taylor I have to go!" She said getting up. "Wait how will I know how where you live??" I yelled to her. "It's in the phone!!" She yelled back to me.
It had been a day since I met Julia. We were in the town for one more week. I found her house number and address in her phone. "Guys I'll be back, bye." I had yelled to them.
They nodded and I headed out.
It was a small town, but I still wasn't aware of the area too well. Luckly our driver knew where to go.
"Hello Max, can you take me to..567 Woodrow Drive?" I asked him. "No problem sir." He said.
I arrived at her house which was only 2 blocks away from the hotel.
I walk up to the door; *DING DONG* I rang her doorbell and someone ran to the door.
Julia opened the door and she hugged me. "Hi Carlos!" She said in her normal bubbly voice. "Hey Julia! Here is your phone." I said with a wink. She laughed. "You killed the battery!" She said still laughing. "Sorry it took me forever to figure out what your password was; it was my birthday; 8/15/89 ..nice..anyway I found the info, Clearly..and here i am!" I told her. She laughed and blushed. "Sorry about the password thing!" She said, still blushing a deep shade of pink. "Its ok, I think it's cute.." I told her which made her blush more. 5 weeks later
we were still going out, but due to the long distance we weren't having the strongest bond. I do love her though. We decided to keep our relationship a secret, none of the guys or her friends knew. A day later she calls me. "We need to take a break" she said over the phone.
"Ok..." I said.
So that was it we were over. I do love her though and I think I always will.
"Yeah maybe we should.." I finally respond.
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