Distance Doesn't Matter

Julia and Carlos dated for awhile but distance was tearing them apart. What happens when Carlos sees Julia again? Read to find out :)


3. Happy New Year!

-New Year's Eve: Julia's P.O.V-
So I guess you could say that I might still have feelings for Carlos. Well, I'm pretty sure it's the truth. That dinner was a little awkward but yet...it wasn't. It was like...we had a connection. And him comforting me...wow. He wasn't all like 'now I can date her. Yesss.' He was there to comfort me and be there for me, like a friend. God that just made me want to thank him but he probably would have no idea what I'm talking about. I gotta get going. It's almost 7 o clock! Geez.
-At Carlos' House-
Okay I'm actually excited for this. I don't even know why. I'm almost to excited to knock on the door.
*knock knock* I managed to knock on his door. I hear quick footsteps and I see him look through the window to the left of the door. He waves with a huge smile on his face. I smile and wave back. He opens the door.
"Welcome to the par-tay!" He yells as we walk into his living room. I give him a puzzled look.
"It's a party for us throw by us!"
"OH MY GOD YAY!" I shout. He is his same old self. I like that.
-Carlos' P.O.V-
She's being her same old bubbly self. I like that. I smile.
-Back to Julia's P.O.V-
He's smiling at me. Why is he smiling at me like that. Oh wait I'm smiling at him too....ohhhhh........
"So what do you wanna do?" He asks me.
"Umm..I don't know. Do you have any games or do you wanna watch the thing they always have on tv?"
"Wanna just watch tv and talk?"
"Sure." I say. We sit on his couch. He sits by the arm rest and I sit somewhat close to him. It's a little awkward not sitting right next to him like we used to.
"Can I ask you something?" He says to me.
"Yeah sure." I already have a good idea of what he's gonna ask.
"Why did you say that we should take a break?" I knew it. "You don't have to answer that. I've just been wondering for so long." He continues.
"Oh no it's fine. We're friends right? Haha okay. I said that because...because I didn't think we were working out. I had to stay in my hometown because I was only 16 and I had school to focus on and you have your band...I don't know." I say sighing.
"It's fine. I was just wondering. How about we leave the past in the past? Good idea?" He says.
"I think that's a great idea." I say smiling at him. We watch tv for awhile and talk. I don't know if he notices but I keep moving closer and closer to him. He is just so...nice and attractive and everything he just makes me want to like kiss him or something. Wait what did I just say? I think I'm falling in love all over again (A/N: you see what I did there? Haha back to the story).
-Around 11:45-
Yep. I'm falling in love. I know it. Everything he does just....gives me butterflies and God it makes me want to hug and kiss him and be with him all the time. I just wonder if he feels the same way about me. I mean I guess he should if he wanted to "do something" about our relationships...I don't know.
"Wanna sing along to the artists performing?" He asks me.
"Sure. But you wanna know who should be performing?" I ask him.
"I don't know One Direction or something?" He asks me.
"No silly! It's you guys! You guys never get nominated for anything or even get to perform just because you are on Nickelodeon. I think people should really give you a chance before they go around judging you." I say because I think all of that is true. He smiles.
"Yeah I think the same thing too." He says.
"10 minutes until 2013." I say.
"Yeah, at least for the west coast." He says laughing.
-9 minutes later-
"You wanna count down to the New Year?"
"Sure." I say, looking up into his brown eyes. Only we don't count. At least not yet anyway. The people on the tv yell "15,14,13,12,11,10" so me and Carlos were going to continue but I have a better idea. I hug him he was a little taken back at first and when I hear them say one, I kiss him. He was also a little taken back at first but then he quickly started kissing back. We are remotely the same height so that's good. He puts his arms around my waist and I put mine around his neck. We break apart and I smile.
"Happy New Year." He says smiling.
"Happy New Year." I say, almost crying because of happiness. We kiss again. There is sparks. And that's why I'm almost crying. I'm just to overwhelmed with the happiness of being back with someone that treats me like a princess and I felt sparks.
-Carlos' P.O.V-
She kissed me. Twice. I felt something. You know, that feeling you get when you kiss that person you love? Sparks is the word? Well yes that's what I felt. And when she kissed me again, I was the happiest man I could ever be.
"Carlos?" She asks me.
"Does this mean we are back together?" She asks me in one of the sweetest voices ever.
"If you want it to."
"Oh I want it to." She said smiling but sounding like she was gonna cry.
"Me too." I smile putting my arm around her once we sit down on the couch. We watch tv for a long time.
"Carlos? Why are we watching Disney Channel?" She asks me looking up at me because she's like half laying down with her head against my chest.
"I don't know. Because I felt like turning it on." I say sleepily.
"Okay." She yawns and pretty soon she's asleep. I fall asleep soon after.
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