A Summer To Remember

14 year old Victoria was going through a lot. When she already thought her life was crumbling around her, an unexpected vacationer leaves a footprint on her heart.


11. You like him? Surprise, Surprise

"Should I wear the peach one or the turquoise one?" Lilly asked. Sam and I sat on Lilly's bed and casually chatted. We weren't really close, but Kyle asked me to spend more time with them because Lilly was going through a lot. More than me, even. "I like the peach one." I said. Lilly was picking an outfit to wear to her brother's birthday dinner that night.

Lilly hooked the turquoise dress back on the rack and twirled around in front of the mirror with the other. Finally, she stopped and nodded to herself. "Yeah. I'll wear this one."

"Victoria, can I ask you a question?" Sam turns to me. "Umm sure?" I say, not completely sure what she means.
"Do you and Niall have something going on?" The question shocked me more than it should have. I was so stunned it took me a while to compose myself and answer. Her crystal blue eyes were unintentionally bearing into me.
"Oh! Umm no." I stuttered, trying to make out a decent answer.
"Okay, so you wouldn't mind if I dated him?"
By now I couldn't even answer, so Lilly did for me. "HE ASKED YOU OUT?!" I could feel the pink rising in my cheeks. Sam was 16, not 14, so she did have a little bit more leverage. I guess I could see it possible for Niall to like Sam. She was tall, slim-definitely slimmer than me. Sam's hair was smooth, shiny and pitch black. Her eyes bright blue orbs contrasted with her tan skin and pitch black hair. She was undoubtably pretty; of course it was possible. Sam's voice snapped me out of my thoughts. "Well, no. But he most likely will right? I think he's cute and I can easily get him to like me."
"No offense Sam, really, but what makes you think that he'll like you?"
Sam just shrugs in response. "Why not?" I couldn't take much more of this. I looked at my phone, pretending I got a text. "I have to go. Ummm...I need to babysit my sister." I said, grabbing my bag and getting up. "Talk to you later okay?"
"Thanks for helping me pick a dress Victoria!" Lilly called as I hastily shuffled out of the room.

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