A Summer To Remember

14 year old Victoria was going through a lot. When she already thought her life was crumbling around her, an unexpected vacationer leaves a footprint on her heart.


2. Unexpected Vacationer

"Victoria, can you go to the tiki bar and buy Stephanie another Sprite? She spilled hers." My mom asked me. We were at our favorite beach. I really wished I was old enough to drink. If I wasn't 14, I would've been an alcoholic by now with the stress my father had caused me. Those sangrias looked really good.....

I walked over to the bar counter and ordered a Sprite for my little sister, handing the bartender a five dollar bill. He rather quickly served me the fizzy drink, as if he didn't want a 'little girl' at his bar. I turned abruptly and began to walk back to where my mom and Stephanie were, looking at my feet the entire time. I was deep in my thoughts about having to spend the night at my dad's house next week. Ugh.

"'Scuse me," a voice said. I looked up to see a blonde boy in a snapback with gorgeous blue eyes right in front of me. "Oh! Yeah, sorry." I said, fumbling over my words. "Umm, I was just going to ask-you look like a local-not in a bad way of course-" "I get it." I cut him off, laughing a little. "Oh. Hehe, right. Do you know where I can find a longboard shop?"

I tried to suppress a grin. I loved longboarding. Almost as much as I loved horseback riding. "I sure do. There are three different ones right down that road. Just pass by the parking lot, turn left and keep walking. They're all on the right. I'd recommend the last one though." He grinned. "Thanks! I'm Niall by the way..." HOLY CRAP! IT'S NIALL FRICKIN HORAN!!! I smiled as nicely as I could, even though I knew I looked goofy. The only thing I had going for me was my long, wavy brown hair. It was what I liked most about myself. I didn't have a thigh gap, i was taller than most 14 year olds, and I certainly didn't have perfect teeth. Yet. I still had braces. "I'm Victoria." "Nice to meet you Victoria....I know this sounds kind of weird... But," he rubbed the back of his neck. "I think you're really pretty." I giggled. Partly because I was flattered and partly because I didn't think someone could ever consider me pretty. "You're not so bad looking yourself." I said, raising my eyebrows and looking him up and down. I mentally slapped myself for doing and saying that. Anyways, he couldn't really be interested. He's five years older!

"Well then, maybe, we could talk sometime?" He asked. "Umm sure!" I had no idea what I was doing. I shouldn't be talking to a guy that much older...

"Great! What's your phone number? I'll iMessage you because I live in London and those long distance texts cost a fortune." Niall said, noticing the iPhone in my hand. "You're Irish though, right? You don't sound like you're from London." I said. 'What am I doing?!?!' I thought. "Haha yeah...how'd you guess?...just kidding." Niall said with that stunning smile. Even his eyes sparkled. "Well a) I know who you are, and b) my parents have Irish friends. I can tell the difference." I said as I typed my number into his phone. I realized I was still holding Stephanie's soda. "I have to get going. It was nice talking to you though!" "Right! I should be on my way to that longboard store. Thanks, by the way!" I smiled and began walking back to my mother and sister.


"That took you quite some time," my mom said. "There are almost no bubbles!" Stephanie complained, chugging down the Sprite anyway. I plopped down in my beach chair and hid my face in my book, smiling. 

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