A Summer To Remember

14 year old Victoria was going through a lot. When she already thought her life was crumbling around her, an unexpected vacationer leaves a footprint on her heart.


7. Overslept

That morning I woke up and poured myself a bowl of cereal. I usually didn't eat breakfast, but I wasn't feeling that great and thought food might calm my nerves.

Eating my cereal and watching cartoons next to my six year old sister wasn't something I did very often....so I lost track of time.

There was a knock at the door. Realizing who it was, I quickly jumped up and made a dash for the bathroom. I grabbed my toothbrush, sloppily covered it in toothpaste and stuck it in my mouth. I motioned at my mom to get the door before Stephanie did. Too late. I could hear the door opening and my little sister saying "you looked different on Vicky's poster."


My moms eyes widened and she RAN down the stairs.


I knocked on the door. I was pretty sure I got the address right. Moments later a little girl opened the door. "You looked different on Vicky's poster," she said. Vicky. Yep, this was the place. Wait. Poster? A tall, slim woman came down the stairs and up to the door. She must've been Victoria'a mother. They looked almost identical.
"Hi, you must be Niall. Victoria's upstairs. Go right ahead." She said shaking my hand and motioning up the stairs. I smiled politely. "Yep, that's me. Nice to meet you....-" "-just call me Petra. And this is Stephanie." Petra finished, patting the little girls shoulder. I leaned down and shook the little girl's hand as well, then proceeded up the stairs.

I jogged to my room, toothbrush still in mouth, to look for a quick outfit. I was still in my light pink Japanese silk robe. It was the only one I could wear here in Florida without boiling. I stopped in my tracks when I almost bumped into Niall. "Hey," he said smiling. I stood there with the toothbrush in my mouth, and awkwardly smiled; my teeth covered in froth. "Running late?" He guessed. I nodded. Before I could do anything, he opened my closet and through an outfit onto my bed. I didn't even pay attention to what it was until after I scooped it up with my free hand and dashed to the bathroom.  I was beyond relieved that I took down my posters.
I spit out the toothpaste and rinsed my mouth. Now I observed what Niall chose for me to wear.

White shorts and a loose, flowy pink tanktop- the kind you buy in the Spring Break surf shops on Mandalay (kind of like Main Street). I quickly got dressed and shuffled back to my room where he sat on my bed, strumming my guitar. It was a gift and I've never played it before. It sounded so sweet, hitting every note perfectly  like it had been planned and rehearsed, yet made up spontaneously. He looked up to see me smiling. "That was amazing". "Really? I just made it up on the spot"  I just nodded and grinned. He set the guitar back down on the stand and got up. "Ready to go?" Once again, I just nodded. We walked down the stairs. "See y'all later!" My mom called as we walked out the door. Niall called "I'll have her home before 11 tonight." With a charming smile before closing the door behind him. He really was charming. If he wasn't, my mother would have protested to me being home that late.

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