A Summer To Remember

14 year old Victoria was going through a lot. When she already thought her life was crumbling around her, an unexpected vacationer leaves a footprint on her heart.


6. Everything Changes

I sat there for a moment, then let out a short laugh. "I honestly don't know how to cut loose," I admitted.

Niall raised his eyebrows. The red sky illuminated his now golden face. The pale Irish boy managed to sustain quite a tan while he was here. "Today, you showed me how to be ordinary. Tomorrow, I'm showing you how to cut loose." He concluded. "Are you kidding?" I said. "My best friend told me the most fun he's ever had with me was going to the beach after dark."

"What can I say, you were born a rebel!" He joked. The thick, Irish accent was just so hypnotizing...

"Fine. But promise me we won't do anything too stupid." I finished.

"I can't promise anything" he teased, giving me a childish, toothless smile.

I rolled my eyes and got up, dusting off the back of my legs.

"Alright, alright. I'll see you tomorrow," I told him and grabbed my longboard. We parted at the entrance and went our separate ways.
I walked through the door and headed straight towards the kitchen. I passed my mother peeling potatoes for dinner and opened the fridge. I smirked a little. 'Potatoes...directioner joke. I used to be a directioner.'
Right when I was debating whether or not to drink a red bull or not, my mom spoke up. "Unless you were with a boy, you're in trouble for being out so late." She was always on my case for not having a boyfriend and didn't care  if I was out with a boy as long as I wasn't doing something reckless or getting knocked up. It was comforting to know my mom was cool enough to know I didn't believe in Cooties anymore. "Well actually..." I replied. Her eyes widened. "Finally! My daughter isn't a lonely loser!" Stephanie looked up from her coloring book. "Eww! Victoria has a boyfriend!" "Nope mom, still a lonely loser. He's just a friend"

"Victoria, you need to stop friendzoning these boys!" There goes my mom again.... I can't believe she actually said 'friendzoning'.

"He's too old!" Once again, she rolled her eyes. All she could say is "alright, who is it. If its only a FEW years, and he's attractive I'm sure it's okay. It's not like he's in his twenties right?"

"Mom remember when I used to really like One Direction?" Stephanie groaned. Okay, I was obsessed. Whatever.... "Well Niall Horan is on vacation here in Clearwater."
"Vicky if you're telling me you spent the day stalking him, I'm going to pay some nice boy to date you."
"Mom stop it! No! I ran into him the day we were at the beach. We kind of started talking and well...we're friends now."
"Yeah, sure you're friends with him. I'll believe that when you bring him home!" My mom is so annoying. I finally grabbed a can of coke and jogged upstairs. As I was plugging my phone into its charger, I noticed I had another notification.

"Be ready at 10. I'll come to pick you up! ;) xxxNialler" what is it with British people and "xxx"? And how did he get my address? Kyle...
He and my mom are always trying to set me up with someone. I'm honestly surprised he's not gay, because he barely ever talked about his girlfriend; but she was almost always around. Luckily, she was so used to me that she didn't care about how I kissed him that day with Niall.

I was actually nervous about tomorrow. And to make it worse, I actually had to set an alarm for tomorrow so I didn't oversleep. Knowing me, I'd probably procrastinate.

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