Small Bump

Olivia is the step sister of world-famous Ed Sheeran. Though her brother may be a star, she has no clue who he is talking about when he mentions his friends Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn-especially that they are in a famous band. What happens when she is forced to spend a month with Ed and his friends during the summer, and she falls for one of his best mates?


7. Long Night


"Harry, I-" Before I could speak he put his finger to my lips and motioned for silence.

"Look, I'm really sorry.." he whispered. He didn't even look into my eyes when he said it, staring at the floor in shame. 

"Harry-" Again he interrupts my words and starts apologizing. 

"That was out of line what I did. Was it just yesterday we've met? I just kissed you and you have every right to leave if you want, I understand." He frowns, looking down again. I take my finger under his chin and lift his head so that it's eye-level. 

"Harry you don't understand. I don't know how to say this, but I didn't pull away because I liked it." His emerald eyes popped wide open and just stared at me. I shift uncomfortably under his gaze and look away. 

Just then Louis barges in.

"Why the hell is Niall cry- Oh. Uhm, well this is quite awkward." He shifts his weight to his other leg and lingers near the door until Harry speaks up.

"Louis, I'm afraid I've hurt Niall-badly. What can I do?" He pleads. I can see tears brimming his eyelids. 

"Well I can't very well help you if you don't tell me what happened first can I? He came storming into the living room with tears streaming down his face, then babbled something about how you always get the girl." Louis crosses his arms and taps his foot at Harry. 

"I kissed her Louis." His eyes widen. 

"You what?" 

"I kissed her. I couldn't help myself. He walked right in and saw, and then ran away sobbing." Harry looked down and I walk over to the bed and sit down, embarrassed at Louis' reaction. 

"Oh. Well I'm sorry to say that there's nothing you can do but apologize. And it better be a good one. You know how sensitive Niall is." He pats Harry on the back and leaves the room quietly. 

I look at Harry. He's almost to tears over this, and I couldn't help but feel bad for him. I reach out to grab his hand and pull him next to me on the bed. We sit in silence as I stroke his soft curls, humming one of Ed's songs. He gives in to my embrace and falls asleep on my shoulder. After letting him lie there for a bit to make sure is fully asleep, I lift his head off and lay him down under the covers. I kiss his forehead and whisper a soft goodnight. Maybe I do like him, I thought.


Authors Note

Hi :) So I'm kind of new to the world of fanfiction, but I was wondering if you were enjoying it? Feel free to leave me a comment about what you think, and like&favorite :) Thanks ~Sarah

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