Small Bump

Olivia is the step sister of world-famous Ed Sheeran. Though her brother may be a star, she has no clue who he is talking about when he mentions his friends Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn-especially that they are in a famous band. What happens when she is forced to spend a month with Ed and his friends during the summer, and she falls for one of his best mates?


5. Good News


When we reach the driveway, we get out of the car and walk in the house, expecting our parents to be red-faced with steam coming out of their ears. We brace ourselves to be yelled at, but it never comes. In fact, it seemed like they weren't even in the house. 

"Mum, dad?" Ed yelled. His words just echoed off the walls. No answer. "Hello?" he said again. We look at each other kind of worried, and started walking around the house separately to try and find a trace of where they'd gone. I walked into the kitchen and immediately I saw a note taped to the fridge. I call Ed into the room and we both silently read the note. 

Dear Ed & Olivia, we aren't mad. Sorry this is such late notice, but your father and I have decided to take a second honeymoon. No need for alarm, we've already arranged for the two of you to stay at the boys' flat. We'll be gone about four weeks. We're sorry we didn't get to say goodbye. We love you. Love, Mum and Dad.

We both look at each other, smile, and run into our rooms. But all of my stuff is gone. It seems as though they've taken our stuff there already. We must have just missed them. 

"Is yours gone too?" I say as I walk into Ed's room. He nods and grabs my hand to run to the car.  He turns the key in the ignition and puts the radio on while we drive to the boys' flat. My phone vibrates in my pocket. 

New Text Message From: Harry

Did you get home alright Liv? Your mum called, you're staying with us for the next four weeks! She dropped off all your stuff, it's in my room. When are you coming over?

I reply with a quick 'be right over' and within 5 to 10 minutes we were pulling in the driveway. 

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