Small Bump

Olivia is the step sister of world-famous Ed Sheeran. Though her brother may be a star, she has no clue who he is talking about when he mentions his friends Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn-especially that they are in a famous band. What happens when she is forced to spend a month with Ed and his friends during the summer, and she falls for one of his best mates?


4. Breakfast


Now that we were all in fits of laughter on the floor, my stomach started grumbling. Harry stands up.

"Breakfast anyone?" he says. Immediately I see Niall jump up and spank Harry towards the kitchen. 

"Hurry up!," he shouted. "I'm starving!" I laugh at these little things the boys do. 

Liam scoots closer to me and chuckles, "If you haven't noticed, Niall is obsessed with food." His teeth are so white that when he smiles it nearly lights up the room. I can faintly hear the hum of talking in the nearby kitchen. 


"Harry, what the hell was that?" I demand, rethinking what I saw the night before. Harry looks up from cooking the omelettes.

"What, I was only trying to make the girl more comfortable." he simply states and I just glare at him. 

"You know there are more people in this house than you that like her, Harry. Maybe you should think things out before snuggling up to a girl you don't even know."  I fold my arms and walk back into the living room.


Niall comes back into the living room and we're all just making small-talk. I can hear Harry singing in the kitchen. His voice is so sexy, and his riffing makes me go weak. I can't help but think that I wasn't the one who cuddled him last night. Something smells incredibly delicious.  

"Ed, did you ever tell my dad we stayed here for the night?" I ask with concern. If he hadn't, we'd both be dead.

 "Bloody hell," he whispers, and pulls out his phone. 11 missed calls from dad. He dials the home phone on speaker and it starts ringing.

"Ed? Where the hell have you been! Your father and I were worried sick." she screams into the phone, and I knew it was Imo. I can see he's trying to think of what to say, but I grab the phone from him to save his guts.

"Imogen, it's Olivia. I am so sorry we didn't call you, we didn't know we'd fall asleep at his friend's house. Just please make sure my dad knows we're alright." she hangs up the phone before saying anything. Great.

"Breakfast's ready!" Harry calls, and for some reason Niall doesn't jump up as quickly as the first time. We all walk into the dining room to see 7 plates filled with omelettes, hash browns, and eggs. We all sit down and start scarfing down the hot food.

"So, uhm," Liam starts to say. "what was up with that cuddle fest last night, Harry?" I blush and Harry just shrugs his shoulders and continues eating.

"Yeah, Harry, why did I wake up centimeters from your face?" I challenge  him, and Louis laughs out loud. Harry blushes as red as peppers in my omelette. "'Cause I know I didn't fall asleep in that position," I joke. He laughs and explains that he moved me to 'make me more comfortable'. So that involved him putting his arm around my waist? I mean it's not like I didn't like it, but Christ! We'd just met! 

As everyone finished eating, Ed tells me we've got to leave. I hug all the boys and get their numbers, and Ed and I leave. As we're walking back to the Volvo, he nudges me in the side. "So, you and Haz, eh?" I laugh and tell him no, but I'm not sure he believes me. He pops a CD in as we pull out and start driving back home. 

"Oh, who is this?" I ask him. The music was great, and I could tell there were a few in the band he was playing. I really liked one particular voice, it stood out. Then I realized it sounded rather familiar.

"This, my sister, is One Direction." He looks over at me and smiles, one hand on the wheel. Now I know why that one voice was familiar. It was Harry.


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