Small Bump

Olivia is the step sister of world-famous Ed Sheeran. Though her brother may be a star, she has no clue who he is talking about when he mentions his friends Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn-especially that they are in a famous band. What happens when she is forced to spend a month with Ed and his friends during the summer, and she falls for one of his best mates?


10. Alone

A/N: Hey guys I'm really sorry I haven't been updating this story lately, I've been busy with exam week and I'm also working really hard on making my other fanfiction successful. If you'd like to read it, it's called "The Blonde Boy" and it's about Niall. So again I'm sorry about not being able to update this, I've been trying to think of ideas and it's increasingly hard as the story goes along. Enjoy! ~Sarah


I wake up and Olivia is still in my arms, curled up into my chest. I feel as though our relationship will grow, but I'm not sure I want that yet when I think about the look on Niall's face he saw us kissing. As I think through the events of yesterday- the kiss, the twitter hate, the startle Livie gave me when she was awake as I carried her to my bed- I feel her stir beside me, eyes fluttering open and looking up at me. Her ocean blue orbs bore into my emerald ones and we just sit there for a moment, taking in each other's beauty. 

"Morning, Livie." I whisper. She blushes and puts her head back down on my chest, sighing as she rubs her eyes. I gently move from under her and stand up, pulling on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. "We should probably get up, it's almost noon and the boys will be waiting on us." I chuckle as she groggily stretches her arms and yawns. She sits up and lazily gets out of bed, stretching once again and pulling on a sweatshirt from her duffle bag. I take her small hand and walk her to the door, but to our surprise there's a note on it from Niall.

You guys took too long to wake up, so we went to see a film. We'll be back around 2:00, have fun. ~Nialler

I really hope Niall is over his anger, because as I read his note I feel guilt spread through my entirety. Olivia looks at me shrugs, walking toward the kitchen. 

"I'm hungry." Her stomach growls and I laugh, hearing the sound echo through the house. She blushes at my goofy snicker. I walk to the cupboard and grab a box of Lucky Charms, my favorite childhood cereal. She smiles as I hold it up for her to see. 

"This alright? I don't feel much like cooking again." I say, and she nods getting two bowls and spoons for us while I get the milk from the refrigerator. We eat our cereal in silence, the only sound being the crunches between our teeth. As we finish up, I realize we have some time to ourselves while the boys are gone. 

"Do you want to go to the fair?" I ask, hoping to get some time alone with her. She smiles wide, perfect teeth brightening the room. She nods her head quickly.

"Let's go." She smiles once again as we head to the bedroom to get changed.


A/N: Sorry for the short chapter. I'll be writing more soon but I'd run out of ideas at the end of this chapter. :) ~Sarah

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