Lovers of Summer '09

This story takes place in 2049. 20 year old, Amber McNemara get's a part-time job at a seniors felicity. She reads stories that her mother told her as a child about two lovers. But than she finds a huge secret.........


3. The Day Off

Today I didn't go to work. I had to go to a wedding of one of my best friends from Primary School. Her name is Genevieve Payne. She had brown hair with blonde highlights, a shy smile, and brown eyes. As I got out my light purple dress, I remember I didn't have any jewelry on so I went to my jewelry box and opened it. I went through the entire thing looking for matching earrings, bracelets, a necklace, and ring. As I went through i came upon an old locket that I had since i was 5. I never knew what was inside cause it was impossible to open, but the only thing I know is that my mother gave it to me, she said it belonged to my grandmother. The locket was in a shape of an heart, engraved on the front were the letters "WAS", surrounding those initials were all these fantastic patterns!!! I tried to open it but never actually opened it. So I gave up.

I finally found the perfect pieces!!! A pair of diamond earrings that Landon gave to me, a Tiffany tennis bracelet, a small amethyst birthstone ring that I got for my birthday, and Swarovski crystal pendent necklace. Even though my ring didn't match anything it was fine. As I continued on I got a call from my mum. My mum's name is Darcy McNemara. She has brown curly hair like me, green eyes like me, and 2 dimples exactly like mine too!! Everyone says we look alike. But her accent is a bit thicker than mine. Mine is more like a London accent where her's it more of a Northern accent. She called me saying that she won't be able to make it to the wedding today cause she's busy with dad. I was a bit bummed but I still have Landon to be there with me. By the time I was ready it was 12:00 noon.

Landon picked me up. He was wearing a suit that I gave him for our 2 Year anniversary. He looked very handsome in it! He walked be into the car like a gentlemen and close the door. I look into the mirror to check my makeup. "You look gorgeous Amber!! Don't worry about your makeup!" My red lips grew into a smile "Thank You! I Love You!" I said "I Love You Too!" he replied. He put the key in and began to drive. As we were in the car I decided to put on the radio. "Time to but on a old one you guy's, sing along if you know it" said the radio guy. And the song began "Your hand fits in mine like it was made just for me....." OMG!!! That song!! I use to love listening to this song as a child!!! It brings back so many memories!!!

As we arrived at the churches' parking lot, I shut off the radio. Landon opened the door and escorted me out the car. We walk into the church holding hands. We sat down at the second row. I was sitting next to Genevieve's grandmother Danielle. She has brown eye's and a beautiful smile exactly like Gene's! She greeted me with a "Hello". As the music began I see Mason at the top waiting for Genevieve. Genevieve walks down the aisle, she's wearing a gorgeous white dress with a long train just like Princess Katherine of Cambridge's dress, her hair's called curled and in an up do. She walks down so gracefully like she has not a thought in her mind. As she let's go of her father's hand she faces Mason. They said their vows. "Genevieve Mildred Payne do you take Mason William Anderson to be your husband?" said the priest "I do" Genevieve replied "Do you, Mason William Anderson take Genevieve Mildred Payne to be your wife? said the priest "I do" replied Mason. "You may now kiss the bride" Said the priest. Their lips pressed together and a tear rolled out of my eye. "I wish this could happen to me soon!" I said! "Maybe it could" said Landon. "What?!" I replied shockingly. Landon knelled down on one knee, pulled out a small box and said "Would you marry me Amber Rose McNemara?" "YES!! I DO!!" I replied with a huge smile!!!!! He put the ring on my finger and and gave me an enormous hug!!!! "We need to plan everything out!!!" I said!!! As I continued crying tears of joy Genevieve comes out. She gives me a huge hug and a "CONGRATS!!" came out of my mouth!!! "Thank You" she replied. "What's that I see on your ring finger there Amber?" She asked "An engagement ring!!! Landon proposed to me!!" I replied!! We both scream with glee!!!! "Your going to be my maid of honor just cause I don't have a sister!!!  I said "Yes!! Thank You!!" she replied. 

We said our goodbyes and left. Now on to the party. We went straight to Bournemouth Beach.  We had alot of fun at the party! We danced, we cheered, we sung, we ate, and we laughed. Later that night when I got home I looked at my finger and thought, before today I had no ring on my finger. I was soo tired. I took a bath and went to sleep. :)

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