Lovers of Summer '09

This story takes place in 2049. 20 year old, Amber McNemara get's a part-time job at a seniors felicity. She reads stories that her mother told her as a child about two lovers. But than she finds a huge secret.........


2. The Beginning

One warm and sunny July day, I was walking to my part-time job at the Sunny Days Retirement Home in London, England. I stop by a local cafe to get some tea. After I got the tea i continued to walk. In front of my eyes were lovely roses and honey suckles with a sweet aroma in the air. I walk passed them as I enter the doors. I walk in and was greeted by the Secretary. Her name was Charlotte Tomlinson. She has beautiful eyes and a great smile!! I remember my mom talking about a Charlotte Tomlinson when I was little. But that Charlotte Tomlinson was some band member's sister, but I reckon she's not her. I greet her back with a gentle smile and "Good Morning" and walked into the lounge room. As I walked in I was greeted by a lovely bunch of people. Each and everyone of them were so kind and sweet! But there was one lovely lady name Eleanor Tomlinson,who was so kind to bring me my favorite Strawberry scone from that local bakery I love. She has grey straight hair with a few streaks of black, a big beautiful smile, and a genuine heart. She gave it to me and greeted me with a delightful "You look lovely today Miss. Amber, I can't wait to hear more of your story! " I smile with delight, "Thank you Mrs. Tomlinson!! I'm glade you enjoy my stories!!". I think to myself, Is Eleanor related to Charlotte in any reason? Maybe, maybe not. I wonder. So I start the story; The lovely couple was walking in the park one gloomy day, Alexandria was still sad after the death of her cat. Harold came up to her gave her a peck on the cheek and hugged her with all his might. Alexandria felt better. As the continued to stream through the park Harold cam by that same bakery he worked in as a young lad, he ergs Alexandria if they can stop by for a bit. She said yes, the couple goes in and all of Harold's memories from the past comes zooming back into him. He remember's But now he is on a little break from X-Factor so he can spend some time with Alexandria (his girlfriend for almost 1 year). I looked at the time and it was 4:30 p.m, time for me to end my shift for they day. I say "Goodbye" to everyone than left. As I walked to the bus stop I got a text from my boyfriend Landon (of 3 years). It said "Can't wait to see you babe!! Pick you up at 6:00". I totally forgot I made plans with him!!! I ran home instead. When I got home it was 5:00! I have 1 hour to get ready. I ran to my bedroom and pulled out a sexy black dress. To match that dress I pulled out my favorite pair of high heels. They were silver with glitter all over it! As I go ready I looked at the time 5:59!! I rushed downstairs grabbed my little clutch and waited at the door. "Ring Ring" the doorbell went I opened the door and stood in a elegant suit was Landon. "Babe you look amazing" He said "Let's go!" With a big smile I shut the door and went to the car.

He drove me to my favorite restaurant. As we walked in, we were greeted by a nice lady at the booth. She asked "How Many?" Landon replied "Table for 2 please". She walked us to the table and sat us down. "I'll be right back to take your order, by the way my name is Serenity." Woah that name should familiar i thought to myself. She came back "What would you like?" She said  "Can I have the steak please with a side of broccoli" Landon said. "I'll have the same thing" I replied.After we ate he drove me home. He gave me a peck on my mouth and said "Goodnight my dear!! See you soon! I Love You" I smiled at him and said "Thanks for the amazing night! Goodnight!! See you soon! I Love You Too!" I walked in to my house, took a nice bubble bath, and went to sleep.

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