Lovers of Summer '09

This story takes place in 2049. 20 year old, Amber McNemara get's a part-time job at a seniors felicity. She reads stories that her mother told her as a child about two lovers. But than she finds a huge secret.........


1. The Past

As a child my mother always told me these amazing stories about this couple back then. It was these stories talk about when they fell in love and all of the events that happened while they were in love. They had a decent family of 2 boys; Tristan and Gabriel, and 3 girls; Darcy, Faith, and Serenity. The couple was young and each and one of them had their own dreams.

So now onto the present day. My name is Amber McNemara. I'm 20 years old. I'm still in college studying Journalism. When I get old like a few years older, I want to be a writer. So on my spare time I took a part time job of being a story teller at a senior home. I love old people!!!!! For some reason that was weird. Now let's begin my journey......



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