They Dont Know About Us

this story is about Harry's younger sister staying with them. one of the guys falls for her, who will is be? Niall,Liam or Zayn?
read to find out ! :)


2. uh oh....

"LIAM!" I heard Harry yell. I quickly jumped up causing me to hit my head againts something.

I opened my eyes and saw Harrys sister laying next to me on the sofa, she woke up because i had hit her in the head with my own head. She looked at me surprised, and quickly ran to Harry. I sat up with a surprised look of my own.

"What we're doing laying with my sister ?" Harry said angrily.

"I wasnt, well at first i wasnt. I must have fallen asleep" I replied.

"We dont have time for this, we need to get to the resturant already."

"Yeah it looks like Niall is slowly dieing to eat" Zayn said.

"He just ate!" I replied.

"Dang really?" Claudia asked.


*Drive to resturant*

"Louis you drive like an old lady, im hungry!" Niall complained.

"Yea me to!" Claudia agreed.

"Man you guys are alike" Zayne said.

Claudia and Niall looked at each other and started laughing. Does she like him?  Does he like her?

"So where are we going anyway?" Claudia asked.

"Nando's, you've always wanted to go there right?" Harry asked.

"Heck yes!"

"Now you can try all the amazing food they serve there" Niall exclaimed.

"Haha awesome!" Claudia laughed.


sorry its so short... should Claudia be with Niall or Liam ? or would there be a surprise ? please leave a comment to help give me more ideas to the story

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