They Dont Know About Us

this story is about Harry's younger sister staying with them. one of the guys falls for her, who will is be? Niall,Liam or Zayn?
read to find out ! :)


1. The beginning

"Hurry up Liam, were gonna be late!" Niall yelled.

"No were not, we still have an hour!" I replied back.

"But im hungry" he complained, throwing himself on the couch.

"Calm down Niall, you just about two minutes ago."

"But it feels like i havent eaten all day!"

"Then go eat a snack, we still have about half an hour."

Niall jumped up and ran straight to the kitchen, when he came back he had a bag of chips, five sandwiches,and a drink.

"Niall thats not a snack, thats more like a meal" i exclaimed.

"To me...this is a snack" He said, taking a big bite from his sandwich.

I left Niall alone with his "snack" and went to my room. Me and the boys shared this house,but right now Louis,Zayn,and Harry were out today. Niall and I stayed home so someone could be home when Harrys sister came over. We are all going to the resturant together to celebrate the homecoming of Harry's sister, she has just graduated college after fours years.We have never meet her,but we have seen her picture before in Harry's room.

"Liiiiiiaaaaammm!"Niall yelled as he entered my room.

"What?" I asked, not moving from my spot.

"There is somone at the door."


"I dont know I didnt ask. Its a girl though."

"Why didnt you ask, it could be Harrys sister."

"My mouth was full."

I quickly got up from my bed laughing as Niall stood there gazing at his sandwich. I walked to the front door, and before opening it i checked to see who it was. There standing outside was Harry's sister. How could Niall not- haha oh maybe he was to much in love with his sandwich.I opened the door to a blast of cold air, and saw how cold Harry's sister was for standing outside in the cold so long.

"How long have you been out here?" I asked bringing her stuff inside, she soon followed after.

"About thirty minutes, I wasnt sure if this was the right house" she said

" Im sorry, you must be cold....umm ill be right back."

i quickly walked to my room to get Niall, he was practically kissing his sandwich. I went up to him to playfully hit his arm which caused him to drop his sadwich.

"How could you not know that was Harrys sister? He is going to kill us if anything happened to her" I said, helping Niall pick up his sanwich remians.

"I wasnt paying attention, I didnt even look at her" He said close to tears.

"Look man im sorry bout your sandwich, may it rest in piece or umm pieces."

"I was looking forward to finishing it, that was my last one."

"Come on you can make another one, but first come meet Harry's sister."

Niall and i walked to the living room to find her asleep on the sofa; I went to my room to grab an extra blanket for her. I sat on the sofa next to her to watch some tv; Niall was in the kichen making himself another sanwhich, but came out with four more. I laughed as i drifted to sleep, next to Harry's sister.

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