Back for You -- NOT *ON HOLD*

Brandin was a normal girl with a normal life. That is, until her long time friend and crush Liam Payne decides to visit her after leaving her when trying out for the X-Factor. What will happen when she gets close to another band member? And when a death and mysterious texts and letters float around, who will get hurt? Will they heal from the pain?

This is my first movella... please give me feedback it's much appreciated!


14. Nobody's Home

WOOT WOOT SNOW DAY!!!!! So I've decided to give you a celebratory update(: Love yous <3


Harry narrowed his eyes at me when I came out of the hallway with Liam. I think he was even madder when I sat next to Zayn instead of him. I didn't get it. It's not like I'm his girlfriend or anything. Why should he be mad at me?

We talked for probably half an hour before I realized I had to go.

"Sorry guys but I should get going. My sister's home from college and I haven't seen her since the accident." I declared standing up. Lex stood up too.

"You're my way home so..." She laughed.

"No, you stay. One of these boys will take you home." I said winking at Niall. They both blushed. Lex sat back down.

"See you guys later!" I said walking towards the door. I received a chorus of goodbyes and such.

I walked in the door 10 minutes later. I realized my leg had been feeling way better since I stopped using the crutches. I wonder when I get it off...

"HEY!!!" I heard a voice yell at me. I glanced to my left and saw my sister, Michaela (like Mikayla), running at me.

"Michaela!!" I screamed and hugged her. "I missed you! How was college?"

"Aw, it was great, but I missed you so much!" She said releasing me from the hug. It seems we're pretty close right? Wrong. We pretty much stayed clear of each other but we put on a show for my mom. Not that we didn't like each other, we just didn't get along together. That's life.

"Mom told me that Liam came back for you." She said quietly. I nodded and told her what had happened very generally from Liam coming to my door to Zayn kissing me to my problem with Harry.

"Well, looks like you've had your hands full these past two weeks." She said laughing. I laughed and nodded. We went into the kitchen where mom was cooking dinner.

"Set the table please? We're having spaghetti." She said. We nodded and did what she asked.

After dinner we sat in the living room. I was quite distracted thinking about Harry, Zayn, and Liam. I haven't talked to Zayn in a while so I texted him.


Me: Heyy(:

Zayn: Havin fun??

Me: Eh, would be better if you guys were here...

Zayn: Probably :p... you coming over tomorrow?

Me: I'm coming over tonight ;)

Zayn: Haha ok.

Me: K I gotta go... family complaining :))

Zayn: See ya soon??

Me: Mhmm byes

Zayn: Yup see ya.


I put my phone away and looked at my mom and Michaela who were discussing college. I started to daydream until I heard: "...boyfriend?"

I assume mom asked if Michaela had a boyfriend. Hmm this could be interesting.

"Um, I had one but we broke up a month ago." She said looking down.

"Were you serious?" I asked quietly. She nodded starting to tear up.

"I know what you're going through." I said quietly going over to hug her. She wiped her tears and hugged me back.

"Thanks, Brandin." She said. I nodded.

We just had some girl talk and re-bonding time until it was 7:30. It was now or never.

"Um, Zayn said I could come over to his place with the rest of the boys and Lex..." I ventured. Mom looked at Michaela. She grinned.

"Go. We have forever to talk." She said. I gave her a thankful look. She knew why I wanted to go. I smiled at them and grabbed my keys.

"I don't know when I'll be back... maybe tonight or tomorrow?" I said walking towards the door.

"Brandin." My mom came over. "Don't do anything... you'll regret." Michaela burst out laughing and I blushed furiously.

"Mom!" I said shocked.

"Sorry! Just my motherly instincts." She said laughing.

"Ok whatever." I said rolling my eyes. My face was still red, I could tell. "BYE!" I yelled shutting the door behind me.

I don't even remember the drive to Liam's house, I was so used to taking it. I walked in the door. Nobody was there.

"Hello?" I asked walking into the living room. Nothing. I walked into the kitchen expecting Niall to be there, but he wasn't. Hmm that's weird. I pulled out my phone and texted Lex asking her where she was. No answer. What on earth?

I went through all the rooms and no one was home. Great. I just wasted gas to get to a house no one was at.

I was looking in the last storage room in the hallway when I heard a noise coming from the living room. It was quiet, yet I swore I heard it. I snuck to the end of the hallway and peaked my head around. I half expected a robber, but it was only Harry who had flopped on the couch. I walked out of the hallway. He jumped.

"Holy shit don't scare me like that!" He said loudly holding his heart. I laughed.

"Sorry... I figured you saw my car." I said giggling still. I went and sat by him. We were quiet for a while until Harry spoke.

"You know, I can't stop thinking about yesterday." He said quietly. I didn't say anything. He was talking about our kitchen episode where he told me he liked me. A lot. I licked my lips.

"And I know you haven't really gotten to know me at all, but, Brandin, I know we'd be good together. I'd treat you right. I'd never leave you." He continued. This made me think of Liam. Harry didn't know we'd kissed. I swallowed. But he said he knew about Zayn.

"How'd you know Zayn and I kissed?" I asked.

"He was telling Niall and I overheard." Ok I understood he told Niall. But did Harry really have to over hear? Whatever, it was done now.

"But what about us?" Harry asked looking straight at me.

"What about us?" I asked trying to avoid the question.

"I want you to be mine, Brandin." Harry said. I swallowed again.

"Just let me try to persuade you." He said.

"How would you do that?" I asked nervously. All of a sudden he leaned in and kissed me. Hard.


And I liked it.



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