Back for You -- NOT *ON HOLD*

Brandin was a normal girl with a normal life. That is, until her long time friend and crush Liam Payne decides to visit her after leaving her when trying out for the X-Factor. What will happen when she gets close to another band member? And when a death and mysterious texts and letters float around, who will get hurt? Will they heal from the pain?

This is my first movella... please give me feedback it's much appreciated!


22. It's Not Your Fault

I watched as the police set up "Caution" tape around our property. Well, I guess my property until we find my mom. When we told Officer Ackmen that we didn't know where my mom was he quickly nodded and ran off to find another officer. That did not get my hopes up.

Harry was awesome through the whole thing. He finally asked when we could go because he didn't want me seeing much more of this. I'm pretty sure I'll be scarred for life...

Finally we could go. He led me to his car and opened my door. I stepped inside, but as I reached for the buckle he beat me to it and seatbelted me in. I smiled weakly at him.

The ride home was silent. Not a comfortable silent but a worried one. I was seriously scared that I'd never see my mother again. And Michaela... What was wrong with me?

Harry must have assumed that I'd want ti stay at his place because we pulled up the drive. I was surprised when I saw that none of the boys had crashed here while we were gone. I walked up to the door sticking as close as humanly possible to Harry. I was scared, not gonna lie.

He shut the door behind us and walked into the living room with me.

"Brandin..." He murmured. I looked at him. What was I supposed to say? My sister died, my mother's missing, and my dad knows nothing of it.

Oh geez. I just had to let it out.

"Is there something wrong with me?" I said loudly. I couldn't take this anymore.

"No!!" Harry exclaimed. "Why would you say that?" I shook my head in disbelief.

"My mom is missing! My sister is DEAD. what did I do to deserve this?" I yelled as tears streamed down my face. "Its my fault."

I collapsed onto the couch. Harry sat next to me and tried to hold me but I pushed him away. I just wanted ti be alone.

"Don't say that." Ge said. "This is not your fault."

"Yes it is." I insisted. "If I'd been home I could have stopped the murderer." Harry was silent

"Fine. It was your fault." he said simply. What was he playing at? He was supposed to be comforting me!

"How can you say that?" I exclaimed. He shrugged. "I am a good person! I never do anything for myself! I never get nice things, and when I finally get Liam back he hates me, then loves me again. Then I finally get something good - you - and now THIS! This Murderer came to my house while I was having time for ME. Even if I was here for it I'd probably be dead. This is NOT my FAULT!" I was mad until I realized what he did.

"I told you so." he said quietly. He came over and hugged me. I just cried.

"Michaela..." I whispered. She was gone. My only sister. My only sibling. The one I looked up too. I know we weren't close but losing a sibling was hard.

"Shhh it's okay. It'll be ok. The police will catch the murderer and find your mom and everything will be all right again." He rubbed my back.

"Everything will be ok." he repeated.

But that's just the thing, I was thinking as he held me.


Nothing would be ok again.



=== Sorry for not updating and sorry for weird typos or sentences, it's from my iPod and it's around 11pm here haha. Hope this chapters ok... Didnt really work too hard on it :/ but I'm finding more time ;)

And Ally if your reading this, I'm sorry for not replying right away but my mom got pissed at me for taking to you do she made me delete the kik app so I can't talk to you anymore :( I miss you do much!!! Love you(: Hope all is going good with dance and Jordan (:

And I love you readers too! Your the bestest everrrrr


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