Back for You -- NOT *ON HOLD*

Brandin was a normal girl with a normal life. That is, until her long time friend and crush Liam Payne decides to visit her after leaving her when trying out for the X-Factor. What will happen when she gets close to another band member? And when a death and mysterious texts and letters float around, who will get hurt? Will they heal from the pain?

This is my first movella... please give me feedback it's much appreciated!


19. I Promise

I surveyed the entryway frozen in place. Harry grabbed my shoulders and turned me away from the scene. I knew then that what I'd just seen would never leave my brain. I'd be haunted forever by his image.

What had I just seen? I can't even comprehend, but I can tell you it wasn't pretty.

Harry was walking me to his car giving me whispers of comfort while pulling out his phone. My vision was to blurry to see the numbers he was typing but I could tell by the way his fingers moved it was 911.

He opened the door for me, waiting for someone to answer. I numbly sat in. He closed the door and leaned his body against it to either protect me from the sight or to not let me out.

I'm not sure.

He was distractedly talking on the phone, so I tried to see past him. I just couldn't get a good angle of the house.


Why did I want to see that again? It was already etched into my memories. I shook my head, trying to clear it. I could tell the shock was wearing off, so I knocked on the window. Harry turned around and looked at me, still on the phone. We looked into each other's eyes. I could read sympathy, shock, and fear in those green eyes I lost myself in every time I looked at them.

He shook his head at me, warning me not to look at my house, and kept talking. All the while, never breaking eye contact. It was like a drug for me, keeping me sane at this moment when I needed it most.

"Harry..." I whispered putting my hand on the window. He put his hand on the other side of mine and hung up. He motioned for me to roll down the window a little.

"I don't want you to see what's in there again." He said quietly. "Close your eyes and don't look until I drive away. The police said to sit at the end of your street until they came." I nodded and started closing my eyes.

"Wait." I said opening them again. Harry looked at me, quickly blocking my view again.

"Am I dreaming? Is this real?" I whispered as tears filled my eyes.

"I'm afraid so, love." He said darkly. "Now close your eyes, please." He almost begged. I nodded and closed them, never opening them even as I felt him get in the car, start the engine, and begin driving.

He stopped driving after about 30 seconds.

"You can open them now, love." Harry said. I opened my eyes slowly and looked at him. He was looking at me already.

"Harry... this seems like a dream. This only happens to people in the movies." I said as tears filled my vision. "Something bad always happens to the people who are finally happy."

"Baby..." Harry reached over for an awkward hug, or so I thought. He pulled me onto his lap and wrapped his arms around me. I leaned my head in the crook of his neck and rested my hand on his chest. The tears were now falling freely down my face, but I wasn't sobbing or making any noise.

"I won't let anything hurt you." He whispered into my hair. "Nothing. I promise."

I replied with no hesitation.

"I trust you."



Ahhh another cliffhanger!!! Don't worry, I'm updating again in a few hours, I just want to kill you all a little on the inside ;) Haha sorry for this. It is kinda mean that I wrote a chapter, howbeit (haha cool word) short, that didn't tell what was going on... I really am sorry. Ok, sorrynotsorry. I'm not. It's fun to leave you like this. Ok. I'm out. Love you, keep favoriting, liking, commenting!


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