I used to flirt, date and dump but hey i've c.h.a.n.g.e.d

He pushed me up against the lockers as everyone else was in class, my heart started to beat faster..I know the games you play Meagan He whispered seducively in my ear causing my whole body to go on vibrate,
And? I whispered back looking back up at him ...I don't like games He said while pushing himself away from me and heading back to class. I was left speechless and I now I knew wanted him. And I wanted him to want me back. Maybe if I stopped fooling around with his bestfriends.. Maybe if I just changed ? so... just a heads up this story doen't exactly have a happy ending but it does have a sequel so don't worry and the sequel explaqins it all thaqnks for reading! :)


1. I'm back

   I woke up with a huge grin on my face. Today is my first day grade 12 and I am stoked. I sat up in my bed and stretched out my arms, I looked out my window and smiled, it looked warm and breezey, just the way I like it. I jumped a tab when my dad walked into my room with a tray of eggs, toast and a cup of orange juice.



 I said smiling taking the tray from him and setting it on my lap


   Your welcome sweetheart. Are you excited for your first day? He asked me.


   Yes, I’m very excited. I’m going to catch a ride with Racheal alright


  Okay He replied, before kissing the top of my head and walking out of my room. I put the tray aside and called Racheal making sure she was awake..Ring, ring, ringring..Come on..


   Hello? She groaned into the phone...


  clearly I woke her up..Morning sunshine.. Come talk to me I whined. I walked up to my window waiting for her to go to hers. The cool thing about where our houses are positioned is that we talk from our windows


   mhm, k She never makes sence when she’s asleep..


I waited for a few minutes before I could see her apear before me putting her hair in a messy bun




  “Morning”, ready to rock this school one last time? I smirked at her, she laughed but agreed.


  Well duuh! Am I giving you a ride?

   Yes ma’am. I’ll be over their in about a hour?


  I gave her a smile and closed my window and started to get ready.


  The first day of school is always hardest to gress up for. You always have to look your very best.. Before I even started I turned on my stereo, listening to Ed Sheeran. I love him. He’s ginger Jesus. I walked into my walk in closet and started go through all of my clothes.. Why do I have so much? I picked out my outfit and layed it down on my now made up bed. I walked over to my desk and roamed all of my makeup, I threw my hair into a sloppy bun before started on my face. Once I finished I turned on my straightener I did my thing and checked myself out in the mirror. I think it looks good. I walked over to my bed and began to put my clothes on. Once I was finished I took a look in the mirror again, I adjusted anything I didn’t like and decided it was good, I ended up wearing a pink tank top, a white pair of denim shorts, white flower pattern wedges with a creme bag and my hair straightend and out I smiled at myself in the mirror and started to make my way down the stairs


  Bye daddy, see you when I get home I said kissing his cheek as he sipped his coffee


  Okay, love you


   Love you too


  I walked across the street, before I could even knock Racheal walked out wearing a red and white striped tank top, black denim jeanz, a pair of black strap on wedges, a black leather bag and her hair out and curled. She always looks so good. We examined eachothers outfits before agreeing we both looked hot. Time to go to school.



 I hopped out of Racheals new car she got last year for her birthday and I could already feel my butterflies errupting in my stomach. This was going to be a good year. I can feel it. I looked around to see a familiar group standing around by the doors. Niall,Zayn,Liam,Louis and Harry. And dayum they looked really good. Especially Niall, he must"ve died his hair dark over the summer, I could tell he still had his braces on but his teeth looked very nice. Zayn, he had a blonde streak in his hair now and I could see some more tattoos on his arms. Liam, Well he cut off all of his hair, but it looked really nice on him.. I tried to get a better look before I noticed he had also gotten tattoos, I never thought he would finally do it. Louis, Woow. He"s not wearing any suspendors or stripes like he always used to. Now he"s wearing darks jeans with a normal dark tshirt. His hair is still swiped to the side messy, but now it’s up a little. Damn. And Harry, his hair was clearly cut because there isn’t as much curls as there used to be from last June. He clearly also got alot more tattoos, and he just looked so fit! I could already picture all the girls going after them this year.. Goodluck!


  I nudged Racheal to check them out and when she did I swear her jaw hit the floor. Niall caught me staring because he smiled,might as well start the magic now.. I linked arms with Racheal and we made our way over to the group


  "Hi Niall". I said as sweet as possible as I could, standing closer to him then any of the others .I could tell almost instantly he was frozen, I could almost see his chest going up and down harder then it should have. Why? Its just me..?


  H-Hi…Megan have a good s-summer”.? he asked in his cute Irish accent. I've always wondered why he lived here. not to sound rude or anything.


 yeah, it was really good, but I’m happy to be back here, I missed a certain someone… I trailed off, sending him a flirty wink. I watched as his cheeks turned into a pinky color and he scrathed the back of his neck.


 Oh, I-uh Yeah same. He finally choked out. I giggled and looked around the group to see everyone staring at us. But for some reason my eyes were drawn to Louis. He’s just so damn hot! He gave me a smile and started talking with harry again. Oh Harry, You fucking sex god!


 “Well it was nice to see ALL of you again”. I winked at Liam before Racheal and I made our way insde the school. Oh yes! I’m so back.

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